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Hillary Clinton supports the goals of Global Entrepreneurship Week

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I am delighted to speak to you today as you gather for the Kauffman foundation's Global Entrepreneurship Week your efforts to build new opportunities and businesses are helping to drive economic growth and improve people's lives around the world Global Entrepreneurship Week will be celebrated in 85 countries by millions of people so I want to thank the Kauffman Foundation for taking the lead as the largest foundation worldwide devoted exclusively to entrepreneurism along with Enterprise UK you have helped bring this global movement to live and foster growth an opportunity during this difficult period of global economy recovery the obama administration is dedicated to boosting entrepreneurism both in the United States and in other countries where talent is wide spread but opportunity often is not and we're focusing greater attention on women and the young people who are too often marginalized but not only can must be important catalysts for progress ensuring that everyone in society has an opportunity to make the most of their talents and fulfill their god given potential is critical to widening economic prosperity as well as the stability and the security that goes along with it so we can't afford to leave out anyone who has an idea a dream an invention or innovation and a desire to work hard to make that a reality as president Obama said in his inaugural address it has been the risk takers the doers the makers the thing who have carried us up the long ragged pass to our prosperity and freedom so Global Entrepreneurship Week reflects a sense of collective responsibility to encourage young minds to pursue fresh ideas and unleash the full range of the human potential on behalf of president Obama and all of the American people thank you for taking on this critically important task and best of luck in building your dreams for a brighter future

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Posted by: honeyb on Nov 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton supports the goals of Global Entrepreneurship Week

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