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Kona's Dew Files - Episode 3

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Now we are going to play a good cha cha cha The doctor is in There's another one Sweet angles I'm hear to sell you on the dope system We call that a saddle sore That's unreal A little dab will do you Bend up. Way up At Kona, we build bikes to escape the stresses of everyday life The most complicated thing on the bike, should be the rider Elegante Take John Cowan for example There's a complex guy When we set out to design a bike for flipping and spinning and all that other crazy stuff John Cowan does it's gotta be clean, suttle, hassle-free Seventy-five Cowan e-mails just today One millimeter, two millimeters Head-tube half a degree Two millimeters? One millimeter? Spending the day with John Cowan It's not so bad Discriminating. Might be almost to the point of being a litte anal I think the geometry is bang on. It's the only bike I think that can go super fast, do big jumps, and you can ride technical stuff on it too Basically we're the only bike going that can do every single trick. If you think about it, between all of our team riders, Andrea, Luis, Paul, and myself There's nothing being done on these bikes that aren't being done on ours. What other frame company can do that? Dewey I'm super stoked about the bottom bracket and how we change it to be in line with the axles. Most bike companies have like a ten or fifteen millimetre drop to the bottom bracket And these bikes go super slow and you get this pendulum effect. I think if you take this up it makes it feel a bit quicker before, you know, it was a little bit more all around but I think we really nailed it into making it exactly what I wanted it to be One millimeter, two millimeters, quarter degree, too high, too low John Cowan, fussier than a girl putting on her makeup before a big date I'm getting good drive out of it but I don't know because it's kind of poppy But if the head angle was a little bit less I don't know seems like kind of... Man Dew I think we finally got this thing bang on The size of the frame, the geometry is perfect, the flex, the way it goes through corners, I love it man When I was about to do that three off of that lift that was so.. Hey John Yeah? Are you having fun yet? Always Dew John Cowan, great guy, never stops talking and he's splitting camel hairs Like, so discerning but, I guess that's the job Dew! Hey Dew! Hey hey hey man I just want to talk to you about one thing Hey man I was thinking, I had this idea. What do you think if we steepen up the head tube a little bit, make it seventy degrees Actually, you know what no maybe sixty-nine point five, sixty-nine point five Sixty-nine five or seventy Hey can we go sixty-nine point seven two? Split the difference? Dew can we? Making simple bikes for complicated people A lot of hard work If you ever want to call me to talk about bikes we can do it man I'd love to talk about fresh ideas Okay John I'll send you an e-mail Okay have a good weekend buddy If you ever do want to call me my cell phone number you can find it See ya Take it easy buddy You sure?

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Posted by: halcrow on Jan 16, 2009


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