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The real significance of Tu Bishvat is, says the Talmud, it is the Rosh Hashanah Lilanot it is the new year for trees What does that mean? New year for trees? We say "happy new year" to the tree? The same way, as you understand new year, we wish everyone a new year. We know what a new year means, kabalistically kabbalistically means, new year means, that on that day called Rosh Hashanah, is when the forces are distributing life for the next year. On Tu Bishvat, what is significant? The trees are getting thier energy. What is trees? We know trees on a physical level are called Zeir Anpin why are they called Zeir Anpin? Cause is central column, the balance why are they called the central, the balance? because, there is something called gravity Earth has a gravitation pull about itself what does the tree do? it goes against gravity it grows this way how come grows in this way? why doesn't earth pull it back? why doesn't earth pull it back? that later expand. How? Upwards how come? because in this month, in this month, the energy of going against the desire to receive for one self alone which we, is the way we classify and explain the way earth's gravitation it goes against that movement it turns into a sharing concept against gravity, which is the desire to receive for the self when we celebrate or when we connect, it doesn't mean we have to plant a tree on that day. I'm not saying "don't plant trees", is a nice thing to do, but I'm saying, Tu Bishvat doesn't mean the planting of a tree to commemorate, to celebrate like July, 4th celebrate because once there was an independence. No, we say, that day, that day something is happening what is happening? to connect with external forces unforeseen forces metaphysical forces you have to connect with Yaakov, what is Yaakov? what is that name Yaakov? It means, like the filament Want to turn the light on? Filament must work What is the filament? restriction! restriction! it goes against the natural, normal instinct the normal instinct of all human being is: to take! against that instinct is restriction to push the same thing that you want, away! what does the filament do in the bulb? same thing! draws the energy in the bulb, but at the same time, the filament does what? pushes it away. that's called Yaakov, restriction! This month is Yaakov. How do I know this month is Yaakov? because they created a holiday, supposedly a holiday, called Tu Bishvat, to tell us and on the 15th day, we know that's the merging of the sun with the moon completely, the sun and the moon are equal, right? they're both fully illumined the sun and the moon, only in the 15th. The moon represents us, the only thing we have, is what we have acquired we're not born with that genuinely whatever we acquire same with the moon it has no light of its own, only the light that it receives from the sun. On the 15th day, we know there is a cosmic event on the 15th day of the month same way is Sukkot is on the 15th day, not just to celebrate, we're talking about star events, cosmic events are going on and we have to tap into these events at Tu Bishvat, we can tap Messhiach we tap Messhiach, we tap the instrument, again it was only another indication of what is going on in the cosmos, in the stars in the heavens, what's going on there? I can see it? We have a timetable, tells us, what is happening each day? what is happening each day? Tu Bishvat lends us to understand that this month of Shevat brings us the concept of Yaakov, or, the three column system balance! right, left and central right, left and central is the month that you can tap central column energy, and you can bring all factors, the positive, the negative into harmony even the negative part, as it says, we call {....Hebrew....} don't eat it by yourself don't eat from this world by yourself but if you can combine Etz Chaim if you can combine a restrictive, a restrictive energy system which is Shevat how do we know that it is in Shevat? because of the tree aspect so the tree is only a sign, is only another sign post telling us "what's happening"? "what's happening in this month"? How do I know? There is a picture up in the constelation So what? How do I know what it means? It means central column, it means restriction

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