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2853 Investigating Musculoskeletal Conditions using an Ultrasound Scan

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You have been invited for an ultrasound scan to help in the diagnosis of your condition. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to obtain images of the inside of your body. It’s popular because it does not expose you to any radiation, is quick and non-invasive. It has been used without any side effects for over thirty years. There are some important things you need to address before you come for your scan. Ultrasound scans are performed in the radiology department and it’s best to arrive in plenty of time. You may want to ask a partner, friend or relative to be with you. Please let us know before you come if you have any mobility problems for which you may require assistance And we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothes so that it is easier to expose And scan the area of your body that is being investigated. Even if you think your symptoms have resolved since the appointment was made, please still come along As this will help you to better manage your condition And we may see something that explains why you had the symptoms in the first place. However, if you decide not to attend, please let the department know in plenty of time So that your appointment can be offered to somebody else. When you are called into the examination room you will be met by our sonographer or radiologist and their assistant. The room is quite dark so that it is easier to see the images of your body on the screen. Please ask if you have any questions or concerns about the examination. You will be asked to sit down or lie flat on a couch. The radiologist or sonographer will put a small amount of gel on the area to be scanned. They will then use a probe to take images. The probe will be moved over your skin and images will appear on a screen. You may experience some pushing as the probe is positioned So that the area being investigated can be seen more clearly. This should not be painful, but may be a little uncomfortable. You may be asked to change position to help us get the images we need. The scan will take up to 15 minutes. Once it is complete, you will be given some tissue to wipe the gel off your body, and you can get dressed. The practitioner will be able to give you the ultrasound findings And will also pass all of the information to your referring clinician who will discuss the results in depth with you.

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2853 Investigating Musculoskeletal Conditions using an Ultrasound Scan

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