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Rael Feliciano - São Paulo, Brazil - Life Story pt. 3 (Global Lives Project, 2006)

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You can conquer things on your own. In my neighborhood there are a few guys who play ball very well but they got involved with drugs, you see? There are guys who have played in Portugal. They made money, supported their family but would leave the training ground to smoke weed... ended up loosing their opportunity. Others... It's like this, in the slum there is that deal of stars who shine and go out without even being seen, you see? Shining only in the slum but never leaving. Because they end up getting into drugs A lot of teams are sponsored by drug dealers and the players end up getting involved Others aren't even about that. They think they are playing so they will never get involved, you see? They get the football boots, the uniform, they get everything They play very well but... they can't get out, only because they have to work or because their parents didn't have time to take him to the clubs to get tested, you see? And we try to show that reality, you see? Nowadays, I'm 23 years old and I am the mirror for people in their thirties, you see? Like, people say "That is it bro! Nice, you're making it. That's it, go for it! It is the biggest incentive for us and so on" People who kind of, put themselves in front of us so we can win, you see? So we can represent our community because it's something that comes from people's joy, the people who live where I live... making our community stand out To have something come out of there, a football player, a musician, so everyone comes by and gives their support We have put another clip together and we called them. The whole community came... everyone Then the clip didn't make it out, and the debate started. Oh I wanna see, this and that, you get me? Everyone thinks it is a big deal So we thought it would be really nice if it happened, it would be one more step. Not only for us but for our community too We'll take a small break... Just a second I was also hooked on weed. I would get it for free I have never bought it... I bought it twice in my life, I think So there is a lot of that going on. Sort of, if you want to do something positive in your neighborhood then those are the guys you can turn to more than councilmen, more than mayors, you see? They launder money through that as well They have neighborhood associations which organize parties, donate food I took advantage of... I also, how can I put it, I have benefited from the food they donated Sort of like, there are neighborhood associations there which carry the name of their team, you see? They throw parties, big parties with a stage, call performers. We are part of those performers They put big screens up. They buy a hundred crates of beer, they buy meat, you see? That is what people like. They say "No, those guys are really cool". So they get some respect as well, from the people Because the people they do like to gossip, pass judgement but not evolve, you see? They win a lot of respect through that, from the children through to the adults, you see? Even, even without doing that, there is the thing of them being respected through fear right, because they are criminals But bro, in this world today, drugs aren't good for anyone, you see? We have to be aware, take care of our children and that is it. But bro, if you look at things properly, those guys aren't that much wrong, right? Not that wrong Rael, I wanted to ask about your love life. You told me about dating... How does that go? Ah man, I am kind of crazy for that sort of things. I can't explain... Nowadays I date this girl who is the best... Really good people But I have my low moments. With this music business, where you are always away somewhere, you end up getting involved you understand? But I always was... always was true bro This first girlfriend I had, I was really faithful to her But after a few arguments I would, I would do my own thing Bro, but this relationship is something that...if I say to you that I've made up my mind that she is going to be the one, I don't know yet It's like, I washed some things I would like to wear tomorrow and I left them hanging up to dry When they are dry... but I still don't know what I'd like to wear, you see? I am not able to tell you But it is very complicated, because she is the best person, like, you see? Today I don't get involved like that I even changed my phone number, because that gets in the way. I am looking to respect someone, really, but it is too hard Because I am a man, I have my instincts. Not because I am a low life. Because it... happens man When you realize, you are already involved. It is like that... But I am looking for peace and quiet, you see? I used to be someone... although I am 23, I have lived a lot I am very bohemian like that. Nowadays I am looking for more peace and quiet At the weekend, watch a film...not having sleepless nights But it is difficult. Sometimes, with this mad race of work and music, I leave her in second place. Last week we argued over it Last week I worked, then I rehearsed, I played football, I had a tattoo done and only then I stopped by to see her, you see? But I try to make her understand that, it is not that I don't like her, life is like that man... I try to get her used to things that way, my father did it to my mother My father is such a crazy guy man, that when my grandmother died, her funeral was at home, she was buried and we came home and he didn't know He was having fun somewhere else, three days away from home. He is a crazy guy like that Like, he has other children in Pernambuco... probably some others close by. But he is the best like My mother loves him you see, otherwise he wouldn't be there. He has done so many things He is the type of guy like, I am who I am today because of what he taught me Like, he is a really inteligent guy, never hit me. Only in thought...until today... never, bro I never even got a pinch from my father And sort of like I learned a lot from him bro. Ah this thing of talking to adults was something I learned from him I would go out with him to the dances and it was just old people right? And you learn to develop, but I practised that mostly at break time when I used to swap ideas with people. Because usually you have that respect thing where you are sort of young and get bashful because they are older but at break time I would be more comfortable, so I would talk more But I don't think I can follow him on his crazy path Other children and so on. I try to be... so far the family thing, I really want to have a family. Not two or... Wanting to be somewhere else all the time. But it is complicated bro, I'm too young for that anyway I got crazy kind of young. I have this old face but I think I am too young for that wife and children business. I am still maturing the idea... Rael, now that Global Lives, David's project wants to record your life for 24 hours, what do you think about it? Are you anxious, nervous, what... Man, like...I am anxious man That is why this Sunday I was looking for something to do, you understand? Because like... as I am not going to perform I said "Bro... what am I going to do to show what my life is the neighborhood" Not to impress but to bring something to someone out there, you see? So I have to start by showing my neighborhood, I have to show my ideas, show my life as it is And since I will not be singing, I'll have to do something outside of what I usually do. I think I will go somewhere But for me it that will be damned crazy It will be important for me, because it is nice for you to expose your ideas and your life Not like on Big brother, you see? But sort of like, I think this gives you an audience just like I am having now. For me it is nice I think someone is going to see this some day and it will serve as a lesson to someone Even if it doesn't serve as a lesson you see, but I think someone is going to listen to me in some way. I think that is what is valuable And it'll be crazy, 24 hours. I have never put up with something for that long It'll be nice Until then I didn't know how important this project of David's was. I sort of did...this film Pedro was going to do with a guy who sings with me Then something came up and he got another gig. He said "Bro, I need to record this tomorrow, is there anyway we can?". Sure Then he went over to my place and we filmed and...then he took it to university, and I think on the day he took it I don't know if David was there or if someone told him about it. then he enjoyed it and got me involved in the project It is a project which until then I didn't know much about. Until is a, I think it is someone from each continent, is that it? Ten people who represent what the world is today Nice, see I knew there were ten people... Ah from the whole world... Nice! To me it's impressive the fact that I can show my community off, my life, my way. I think it'll be very... It'll be important, very important And now wouldn't you like to give us a little show? I saw the guitar waiting there... I never got the chance to buy a guitar that I really wanted, you see? I played my friends guitar once but he arrived quickly. So I borrowed it from another friend, but it isn't in tune I'll play a tune in two chords, just to show a bit of what I do I can sing what? What would you like to hear? Would you like me to sort of talk about what... women, society, my neighborhood? Let me see... Well, as you mentioned women, I'll sing one which talks about women and if I have time, I'll sing another one When I saw myself all alone in this place I thought that I need to get out to be free No matter who with. My life is singing Never in the same place By myself or with someone else The rest I'll work out later Hei But just the thought I would kiss your breast your mouth your face Anything I would ask I would get from you Just the thought God if this bedroom could talk But what a shame it'over it's over it's over I will not see her again so beautiful and unique Not Because If I hear her voice through hello If she passed through the slum because someone told me So since you left me I've learned to live a bit on my own But what can I do if I like the life without rules If night for me is day but I can change But as it is a matter of time and I haven't got much of that I don't like to be on the sideline I prefer to party When I saw myself all alone in this place I thought I need to get away to be free With whoever My life is singing. Never in the same place Alone or together the rest I'll work out later Hei The rest I'll work out later. Maybe I can meet a nice girl on my nights out Leave it to me Just follow the way And it arouses the libido, with them I am flowery But no wait a minute, leave it alone, that isn't the way. For me it has to have a value It isn't just arriving and abusing, not even pretending you can't feel the love It is the biggest scene, she doesn't trust me and believes In me meeting this girl who brought me bad luck Everything was clear but gets complicated and I miss her So it's over, it's over, it's over I'll never see her again so beautiful and unique Not because If I hear her voice it's through hello If she went by the slum because someone told me So since you left me I've learned to live a bit on my own But what can I do if I like the wild life If night for me is day but I can change But as that is a matter of time and that I haven't got much of If don't like to be on the side I prefer to party When I saw myself alone in that place I thought I need to get out to be free With whoever My life is singing Never in the same place Alone or together the rest I'll work out later Hei Very nice (Applause) Thank you... I had this dream and I decided... Two chords Rael? Yep...because the sound is crazy, so you try to...and it gets kind of crazy So, sing us one about you slum, your community Yep so...I made one, only a verse really. There was a day when I was at Sal's performing. And there was some repression going down in a football field when the police decided to go after some psychos in the area and then, told everyone to lie down on the dirt field, on the dirt There were people who were studying, including this friend of mine who is a psychologist, he was there He said "I am studying". The guy said no fuck it, lie down, I don't care And everyone was in shock, in panic and such. Helicopters flying, city on alert and so on I wasn't there but they told me the details, of the day, of how it happened And I took it and made a song, you see? Then when I was writing the song, my mother is catholic so... she said "Why don't you play something about God?". And it seems like it was just in time, there are songs you sort of pick up in the air You don't look for them, you sort of pick them up in the air, flying. Then I made the sound which talks about me talking to the Lord before going to sleep, you see? ♫♫♫♫♫ I met this guy who says the field is closed, the green is closed because the man is there I just wanted juice, and a passer by told me there was nothing there and I should run It was a hot sunny sunday, game on the field, pies at the market Operation finetooth comb and who passed quietly only created suspicion, open field Iporanga, the police were so many The singing cars that take you away, and the evil would lie down and roll Local people were surprised, but the good thing was that it is over and before sleeping I'llspeak to the Lord Before sleeping I'll speak, to illuminate And to bless the mind and the hearts People's minds and take away the confusion, from people's minds Before sleeping I'll speak to the Lord The thing is crazy but it doesn't stop being, a place for all, for who wants to come and see Slum...Slum That is the deal Very good Very good! I liked it. You have a very nice voice Thank you Feedback Sound Problem

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Rael Feliciano - São Paulo, Brazil - Life Story pt. 3 (Global Lives Project, 2006)

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