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Singapore:Chai Mei Yong (Esther)

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Can you guys say something to the microphone? How are we going to conduct this interview? Try to think of something. Just don't interrupt each other. You guys should take turns. Please hold this. Gus and Esther. There is one more. There is one more interview after them. Right, there is one more. Are you ready? Yes. Three, two, one, action. Can you please do a brief introduction?What's your name and where are you from? I am Gus. And I am Esther. We are from Singapore. Good. Before you guys joined Youngevity, what kind of traditional jobs did you have? Please tell us more about your backgrounds. I worked in electronic field. After that, I worked in real estate. At that time, we were taking health supplements from other brands. We had some health-related issues. I got better after drinking juice from Mei Li-Wei. I worked in a hair salon. I had some health-related issues as well. That's why I started to take health supplements. I couldn't get any help from traditional Western medicine or Chinese medicine. Then I found out true relief comes from nutrients. After taking nutrients, my health improved a great deal. We live in a healthier way. So I developed a new understanding about nutrients. Which aspects of Youngevity do you consider most attracting? To me personally, it is the founder of Youngevity. He is a doctor. He is an expert on nutrients. He knows nutrients like the palm of his own hand. His words hold weight. People do think this is a different company after we tell them about the founder's expertise. I do admire the founder of Youngevity. Dr. Joel Wallach, I can feel his passion. His products are based on his continuous study and efforts. I deeply believe that his products will help many people. My own parents are using products from Youngevity. I truly think Youngevity is different from other companies. I do hold this point of view. I think... They have amazing products. Other companies can NOT compete with Youngevity. You know, we have been taking supplements for a long time. Some of them are from other brands. But we like Youngevity's attitude and its passion. Also, the quality of Youngevity's products is superb. They are truly different. We feel lucky for choosing Youngevity. What kind of improvements did you guys experience after joining Youngevity? I experience many improvements. Our energy level has gone up. Now we have more time with our kids and family. And we made many friends. Right. Spent time with friends. Not just friends, relatives as well. I feel... this company is truly unique. It has the best attitude and ideas. We feel we have built a relationship with the company's management. The partnership is making us happy. Also, we have more opportunities to make new friends. We get along with each better. And new friendship is raising us to a higher level. Many huge improvements. Right. We are so happy to work with Youngevity. To be in touch with this company is very good for us. Which aspects of the future development of Youngevity do you consider to be most exciting? Well... improving ourselves. For example... the stuff we learned from Youngevity's website. Apply what we have learned to our friends and relatives. Share our knowledge with the people who work under us. Sometimes, when we are conducting events, we feel we are improving ourselves as well. We are leading them. If you give up halfway, you are getting half the result with twice the effort. Many people are actually empowered when they see our effort and progress. They want to join us. Many people join our events. Let's use another banner. It couldn't support. Too long. I think the interview is too long. Even the pole is giving up. Too heavy for it to support. It's giving up. Another question. Just one more question. Will you be able to edit this footage? No problem. Oh, they are going to edit this scene. What he just said about Youngevity... future development...... Let's start again. Our vision for Youngevity's future development is full of hope. I know Youngeveity has been existing for over 20 years in the United States. They built a strong business. They helped many people. I believe they are entering the Asian market. I do believe they will expand well here in Asia. They will have a presence in each country within Asia. I truly believe we will go forward with Youngevity hand in hand. Together we will help more people and change their life stories for the better. Help each person to build a better life. Improve their health to a point where they can enjoy lives. Last question. For those who want to join Youngevity, what do you want to tell them? First of all, it's the concept of health. We have to educate them from the very beginning. Don't emphasize the money. We need to help them. We need to treat them with kindness and lend them a helping hand. Don't overly focus on money. This is our concept and we communicate with newcomers in this way. If someone wants to join or buy from us, if he or she needs to understand Youngevity, we will try out best to help him or her to achieve this goal. Help him to get what he wants. Select products that suit his needs. If he is in financial needs, or he needs to solve some health-related problems, we will provide him with sound solutions to help him to solve problems. We will cooperate with him completely. Find out what kind of support he needs. We will try our best to work with him Sometimes people do like the products from Youngevity, and they decide to join us. This is a new chapter for their career. Some people want to rush in and some people have more patience. We will provide help based on their pace. Very good. Thanks.

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Singapore:Chai Mei Yong (Esther)

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