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Dear, Occupy w Love, Zeitgeist 1ofX How Much of You Is You (Repository)

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The social order as we know it is created out of ideas, either directly or as a systemic consequence. In other words somebody somewhere did something which generated a group interest. Once a given set of ideas are intrusted by a large enough group of people it becomes an institution. And once that institution is made dominant, while existing for a certain period of time, that institution can then be considered an establishment. Institutional establishments are simply social traditions given the illusion of permanence. In turn, the more established they become the more cultural influence they tend to have on us. Including our values and hence our identities and perspectives. While there is always a debate about genetics and environmental influence. Its very easy to understand in the context of values; every intellectual concept that each one of us finds merit with is the result of a cultural information influence. The environment is a self perpetuation programing process and just like designing a software program for your computer each human being is advertently and inadvertently programed into their world view. Every word you know has been taught to you one way or another and thus every concept and belief you have is a result of this same influence. Jacque Fresco once asked me, "How much of you is you?" Then answer of course is kind of a paradox. For either nothing is me or everything is me when it comes to the information I understand and act upon. Information is a serial process, meaning the only way a human being can come up with any idea is through taking in dependent information that allows that idea to be realized. Do you want to know more?

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Posted by: tzmgermany on Aug 2, 2012

An excerpt from 'Social Pathology' by Peter Joseph This is the first in a new series that will attempt to wet some whistles. Original music by TheFifthGreatApe Visit us @ Working-Location:

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