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4 of 11, Extraterrestrial Guides_ The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes

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I realized that when you have this kind of experience a lot of emotions start coming up from inside you. So not only do you need to recognize them as they come up, you also need to overcome them. This is what constitutes the preparation of self-control. But in my case, this preparation lasted more than a year. It lasted for 3 years. During this preparation process the guides gave me tools. They imparted to me a name which is known as the cosmic name. They claim that all the living beings in the universe have a unique key which is not duplicated to anyone else. It is your own unique cosmic name. When you start working with your own key, a lot of memories start waking up from within your sub-consciousness. You start remembering who you are. You remember who you are and where you come from. You remember what is your present mission, and where you need to go in the future…. The guides shared with me a kind of energy of cesium. It is a mineral that NASA uses for space travel During my experience when I was in the field with the extraterrestrial guides, they asked me to extend my hands. When I did so, a ship started coming down. It was above me. It started sending me this gaseous energy which came down into my hands, in a physical form, like two pyramids. It was integrated inside of my body, a few centimeters above the thymus where there is the terminal of our radial nerves, and which allows the body to assimilate the energy. They explained to me that this experience and this tool is not only given to all the spiritual beings that are working for this change, but is also given to the planet for its transformation. Since biblical times they have been giving these tools to other beings. If you remember in Genesis, when the people of Israel were leaving Egypt, the priests, in order to offer the host, did the ceremonies. They would put the two stones, known as the Urim and Thumim. Here in North America, the last record of this experience was with Joseph Smith, who also received two white stones in order to translate the golden plates. What the extraterrestrial guides are doing now, though, is giving us new tools that enable us to awaken our sixth sense – the sense of clairvoyance – so that we can see beyond our physical eyes, to see with our spiritual eye: everything's true dimension. So, after three years, I became familiar with all of their ships. What I am telling you was witnessed by myself and by the group of people, my friends, who were with me. Later a ship like this was in charge of opening a dimensional field known by them as the Door Of The Sender. These doors are a concentration of luminous energy that allows us to introduce ourselves to them by accelerating our vibration which dematerializes the molecules of the body so we can project ourselves to the place where they are waiting for us. This is not science fiction. Even today our own science is developing a machine of teleportation. It transports one particle here to another location there. This brings to mind the Philadelphia Project in the United States. Through this program experience, the ET guides from Venus were wondering if I would be able to speak the truth of what they were telling me. They are aware that the human being, since birth, learns by imitation. So, when we come into contact with a different civilization which is much more evolved than ours – one that has gone beyond war, illness, famine, – then we can come to understand this higher concept of life, and we can share it with other people in the very places where we live. We can help people who will then help other people to understand this higher concept of life. They claim that a large spacecraft will not descend from heaven and magically change everything for us. No!!! It is the human being who must assume that responsibility of change. Right now is the time that we need to take full charge of our destiny. After three years of preparation, I was in the middle of the Andes. They told me that at eight o’clock at night a ship was going to come

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Posted by: muzlaner on May 29, 2011

Luis Fernando comes from Bolivia. He has had contact with extraterrestrials from the planets Venus, and Ganymede, which is one of the moons of Jupiter. And he has also had contact with the Inner Earth Beings the Elders, who are those associated with the Great White Brotherhood. He has been having physical contact experiences since birth. In 1977, when he was 13, he began to speak about these experiences, and he continues to do so to this day.

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