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Resource Based Communities Sustainable Communities and Nature Preservation

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Estero River, Florida, 2012 Hello, my name is Mitch Jacobs and with the help of Ellen Peterson I've formed "Resource Based Communities", a non-profit organization. I'm a recent graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University in Sociology. I've done work with The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Happehatchee Center, the Occupy Movement, Zeitgeist Movement, Hands Across the Sand and I've done tours with the Venus Project. We're quickly losing places like this all over the United States and all over the world from privatization and people exploiting the property for profit. As a non-profit organization, that's not our concern. Our concern is strictly preservation. I wanted to start a non-profit organization and when I was working with Ellen side by side I asked her "Who around here knows the most about non-profit organizations?" and she looked at me with this ridiculous look and she said "Me! I know the most about non-profit organizations around here." She's so humble that, little did I know at that time when I asked her that, she was running about eight non-profit organizations at the same time at eighty-seven years old. So, I told her my idea how I wanted to create the non-profit to help transition into a resource-based economy, something that can give people a hands-on experience when they go out to preserved lands to reconnect with nature and to learn about sustainability. There's a lot of materialism and consumerism going on in the United States right now. I think we all agree with that. She then helped me organize the non-profit and she also taught me how to run a non-profit organization. The experience I had with Ellen Peterson was priceless. Most of us that are working with resource-based communities agree that in the future resource-based economy is an extremely advantageous way to go. Ellen Peterson was behind this project in the very beginning and we would truly hope that the rest of the community can come together and support Resource Based Communities. Right now we have a website: and we are soon going to have a members section where people can come and join the non-profit organization as a member and start off a committee as a local chapter in their area. We want this to be a national organization and we want it to have chapters all over the United States and then eventually international chapters. Right now we're trying to acquire a two hundred acre piece of property out in Naples. The owner has agreed, if we preserve the land, to sell it from between 690.000 to 800.000 dollars. We wanna turn it into a nature center, we want to preserve it, we wanna use it to teach others about sustainability and how to reconnect with nature. There's a beautiful canal next to the property. There's already a house on stilts built on the property which we would like to use as a welcome center. We would like to have aquaponics, we would like to use an organic garden and have camping and have tours. Okay, so, you may be watching this on Earth Day and this is a promo set-up for that. On Earth Day we're gonna have a big tent, a creation state park and hopefully we'll have this video playing on the backboard and we will have all kinds of stuff to become a part of Resource Based Communities. We're gonna be taking memberships and explaining what our goals are, what we're all about. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Directed, Shot and Edited by Pat Mitchell Produced by Mitchell Jacobs Associate Producer: Kevin Mouchou Boom Operator: Simon Peninth Special Thanks: Ellen Peterson, Bobbie Lee Gruninger, Marlene Robinson Chris Faulker, Drew Scott, Thomas Stalker, Frank Gubasta subtitles with help from: The Zeitgeist Movement Linguistic Team

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Duration: 4 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Mitch Jacobs
Director: Mitch Jacobs
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Jun 6, 2012

Resource Based Communities is dedicated to education, preservation, and sustainability. Our mission is to work together to acquire and preserve vacant land for sustainable living environments and educational centers for the public. These sustainable communities will educate people in a way that is respectful to the Earth and everything on it. Hopefully, easing the transition to a Resource-Based Economy.
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