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A true story Presented by your classmates In all-new Technicolor! Hurry up! We have to finish our final project before they close the school. Roberto's right. To start, we should explain the rules of Clue. Are we ready? You're on! Peter isn't ready yet. Peter: Sorry, that was my fault. Now I'm ready. Me too. Okay. Now we're starting. Hold on one more second! Before we start, we need to know how long to make it. Does someone have the rubric? I think it's over here somewhere... It says how long? It's five minutes. Five minutes? You're sure? Okay, let's go. I already knew. Okay, now we're going to start for real. 3... 2... 1... Action! Hello, my name is Peter. My name is Tommy. And my name is Mantas. Today we're going to explain the rules of Clue. Clue is a game with a long history. It's a game of mystery, murder, and mistrust. You can play Clue with a minimum of two people and a maximum of six people. It lasts one hour at most. And it starts with... Why did the lights go out?! I don't know, but where is Roberto? Peter: I have blood on my... Mantas, stop filming. We have a real problem here! If it's a real problem, we'll need evidence. Nevermind. It's just ketchup. But that's not important Peter. We have to find Roberto. Oh my! Is that a clue on the ground? It's a UPrep hat! Only the adults have these. Maybe it was David who kidnapped Roberto! I think it was David in the Puma den with the broom. Tommy, this is no time for jokes! And you know that Margarito has a hat like that too. Yes, but I saw Margarito, and he didn't have a hat. And when I saw David coming to school, he was wearing a hat like that! Okay, but if David kidnapped Roberto, maybe he'll try to kidnap us too. We have to be careful! Yeah, we should bring some cops. No. We don't know if this was really a kidnapping. Maybe Roberto's just trying to kid around with us. Everyone would think we were idiots if we called the police on a prank. Okay. In any case, though, we have to find Roberto now. Let's go. Okay, where are we headed? David's office Yeah, that's our best bet now. Oh no. It's locked! Locked?! Yes. I can't open it. What are we going to do? Tommy, I know you do magic tricks and stuff like that. Could you break in? I could try, but I don't know if I can open it. No, I don't think so. Maybe if we go to the puma den there will be another clue. That's a good idea. Yeah, I didn't think of that. Also, I don't see any lights. I think no one's inside. Me neither. Maybe Roberto left a clue for us. I'm looking for some clues. It's exactly the same. I don't see anything. Me neither. What's that?! I don't know. What is it? What is it? It's a paintbrush. But how will that help us find Roberto? Because... It's from Mr. Talbot's room. Oh yeah! You think that Roberto left this here before we... Maybe. I don't know, but it's the best lead we have. We have to do something with it. Let's go to Mr. Talbot's room to look for Roberto. Maybe he came back. Yeah, maybe. Hold on. What are we going to do when we find Roberto and David? We have to arm ourselves We could use the broomsticks, from commons care. I think they're here. Oh no! There are only two left. I'm really strong, so I don't need one. Okay Here's one for you Mantas, and one for me. Where are we going again? To Mr. Talbot's room. Alright, let's go. Go go go! Quickly! We have to beat Peter. What's that? Yeah, it feels like we're going down! Did you push the right button? Yes! I'm sure I pushed the button for the third floor! Is it open? Mantas: Do you have something... Yeah, I have a fork that I can open it with. I do that a lot. It's no big deal. Hold on a second. I think David's in here. Do you have a flashlight? Yes. I can use my phone. Do you think Roberto's in here? I can't see anything. What was that?! I don't know! Oh no! The door is closed. And where are Tommy and Mantas? I know that the stairs are much faster, but... This is strange. I don't hear the elevator. I have to find them. What was that?! It came from below. And it was Tommy's voice. I'm a little scared now. This seems dangerous... Where are they? I know they were here, but... Why is this door open?! It's Tommy and Mantas, I'm sure! No, David, please! Later A bit later Now I know how they do commons care every day! There are so many forks! We're slaves! And now, the bloopers!

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