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Matrix 6 - The Secret of Personality

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Desteni interdimensional interview: Structural Resonance, Part 6 - Veno This is Veno. (smile) all Human-Beings' lives are Pre-Programmed, already placed a Mind Consciousness System-Interdimensional, that was placed inside you and also develop within you, within the mother's womb.. that is interjected into this reality..the moment you are born and your life is set.. all you do is walk like a system into a systematic world, and just you know, walk and trust: 'my life is programmed..i'm ok..i'll just walk and do..i'll just walk and do' So..where do I continue? Conscious Mind - haven't been there yet - So How and What is the Conscious Mind? and how the Thoughts-work? You know what thoughts are! those secret little voices in the head, that no one hears, but.. We do. So human beings your thoughts are not secret. I know 'who you are', it is not a secret everything is revealed in the dimensions. does thoughts manifest in the Conscious Mind? what is the Conscious Mind? Ok, so..the conscious Mind: is where you think. that's where your thoughts run. and that's where..your..'basic, apparently unique individual personality' exists. Why do I (quote) when i say that? because (laugh) I was still (quote) like that, because.. Firstly, your personality..your 'apparently, unique and individual personality'.. is developed..from information downloaded from your mother and your father - in your subconscious Mind. all you do is you individualize-it and personalize-it to design your 'own little personality' to give you the belief, an idea that you are 'apparently' different than your parents, but you know what? You're actually the exact same copy. Oh my god! i am my parents'..Oh god! No..'who am i?' You're gonna have to answer that for yourself. I know that you are not your parents', and you must definitely, you know..i mean: Would you want to continue living your parents' lives? and..parents, Do you want to continue living your parents' lifes? That's how the sins of the fathers' work..that's how information are just.. downloaded, downloaded, downloaded.. children become the exact copies of their parents, and that's why children usually live.. or become and experience the exact same experience as their parents do. It's so funny and parents go: 'please don't do what I've done or don't become what I've become or..don't do this..because i did this and this is what happened, and it eventually happens' and that's why parents and children have such image..immense conflicts. Because parents! the children are but.. projections, copies and duplicates of yourself. That's what they're showing you! and that's what you are trying to fight. Interesting. ok, gee there is so much information, i am jumping all over the place, so..if you are finding a difficulty to keep track maybe just watch the videos again and just start writing it down as well. Where was i? i was explaining..your birth and your in, and..Conscious Mind, ok! So, your subconscious Mind and, from the subconscious Mind, thoughts are created. and from the subconscious Mind, into the unconscious Mind.. your apparently, unique, individual and different personality is designed - which is not unique and individual..because it is designed from information downloaded from your mother and your father. so you become 'copies and duplicates' of your mother and father. Ok, so how are thoughts designed? about..three or four years old, round about there.. is when your Conscious Mind starts 'kicking-in' your Conscious Mind starts kicking-in when you start seeing the world as Pictures. Babies actually see..fascinating, babies see the world in alpha stage, meaning: they..see beings and everything that existed in it's 'sound expression' and only start developing..the way of seeing, that Everyone in this World-does when they are about at the ages of three or four, as I've said as the Conscious Mind starts to develop. What you see here as pictures It's Not-really its 'true'- expression. Everything that Exists, Exists as a Sound-Expression -not even frequency - it's Sound-Expression, and that's what children see when they are born, but then.. they become influenced by parents going: 'look at this little picture this little picture goes with this word - put it in your mind' So, babies start placing Pictures with Words which is where the problem comes in, why? What is 'Sound-Expression'? I am a Sound-Expression, meaning: the Words I speak are Who I Am - the Words Are One-with Who I Am. So, if a child starts learning that this word goes with this picture..s e p a r a t i o n. and now this child has to remember, that this word goes with this picture, and then they start filling their mind with trying to remember stuff. and that's where thoughts..and things come from, that's how the development of thoughts is activated within a child. When they're said to start and 'remember' stuff that's how the 'Thought System' is activated within children, and children aren't..'learned' that they are the Living Word,They Are Sound Expression and that sound expression is who they are - as the living words. they are words: of one with who they are. and.. learning a child saying this word goes with this picture..s e p a r a t i o n. separation. Where am i in this equation? word - picture. word - picture. somewhere there..where am i? Ok, so..that's what children, that's where the.. thought construct inside..children start developing. once that activates.. once they trying start remembering what word goes with the picture.. fascinating things take place. the Subconscious Mind starts 'activating'. Activating from a perspective that a child starts 'participating', with the Conscious and Subconscious Mind and that's when parents activate: their children's systems. (claps) Ok. so..i'll my next interview, with..thoughts, how they are.. developed inside..the conscious Mind, and then the whole personality behavior. Ok, this is Veno. Thank you very much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, Francis Bacon, Rudolf Steiner CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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MINDCONTROL, IMPLANTS and PREPROGRAMMED Life Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal Desteni Productions Desteni

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