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Gentlemen Broncos

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[doorbell] (woman) Dusty, I want you to meet Benjamin. I noticed you didn't have any friends, so I signed you up for the guardian angel program at church. Your mom's smoking hot. If I play my cards right, maybe someday I'll be your real guardian. Good morning home schoolers. (all) Woo-hoo! You're really going to enjoy the best writers camp in the state. (speaker) I'd like to introduce you to one of the greatest science fictions authors of our time - Ronald Chevalier. [applause] We love you Ron! I'm assuming you love to write fantasy fiction. Except the character names in your stories are suffering. Need thou not be afraid, we can add Onius, Ainous, or Anous to just about anything, and it becomes magical. So when are you going to let me read one of your stories? I let my mom read a few, but they just made her cry. You can read this. [music: Zager and Evans - "In the Year 2525"] [Dusty reading aloud] Bronco and Vanaya began their assault on the east factions. (Vanaya) Bronco. (Bronco) I am your soldier. [voice on phone] I'll cut to the chase - unless you can give us something worth taking to print, we're just going to have to let you go. Bronco. I can do better. Broncanus. Forgive me. [Ronald] Cyclops there. Cyclops there.... Cyclops there....turrets, oh my holy crap, surveilance does. I hate those. [voice on phone] It's fantastic! And I've already approved it for print. Oh my gosh - is that the new Chevaliar book? You stole my story. Awesome. All you did was change the character names and change Bronco into a tranny. This is ridiculous. How 'bout you come down here and fight me like a man. Seize him. [scream] If there's one thing I can't stand, it's plagurism. [scream] I'm completely distressed, I can't even concentrate on my audio book narration.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 26, 2010

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