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Naldi Delgado

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In order to achieve what you want it's important to believe in what you do If you feel in your heart something that moves you something you are passionate about that inspires you like nothing else it is important that you work to achieve it You should pay attention to what calls you Naldi Delgado, Director of Pro Mujer in Peru Ever since I was young I knew what I wanted to do For me, it was clear that I ought to share the knowledge I acquired with others with those who needed it most If I can be helpful in some way, to my country and to its people why not do it All you have to do is take the first step and begin This first step happened in 2000, when I arrived in Puno on a short-term contract and with a strong desire to help After a few months in this city, I fell in love, got married, and started a family It was then that I realized that the most important thing was for me to find myself and I realized that this wonderful place had become my home I soon came to understand their needs and sacrifices and the daily effort involved in living each day as working mothers I realized that there was a lot to be done in Puno that the women needed to be listened to and attended to This was the basis and the beginning of Pro Mujer The first step was just that to listen to these women and capture the knowledge needed in order to provide them with opportunities The passion that these women have for improving their businesses and building better lives for their families is a daily inspiration to me We work with women who are artisans, or who have a small business for example, those who sell sweets on the streets or any other small enterprise We primarily finance small-scale capital for those women that want to start a business, through solidarity At Pro Mujer, our slogan is “where your word counts” and from this we also teach the women about values like honesty, responsibility, and above all, solidarity We can help more people that have the potential to improve their circumstances All they need is an opportunity to show it I believe in them, and together, they can make a change in their lives and for Puno You can inspire others as long as you do things with passion, you can convince others with your example For this reason, it is important to do new things, to innovate And you have to take that first step this is what makes you unique from everyone else In my case, I try to keep helping others My husband and I recently started a school that aims to take an alternative approach to education a humanist approach to education We help the children at Pukara, the name of the school to develop a respect for the environment and strengthen their values and above all, we foster in them a closeness to the land, and teach them to be proud to be from Puno We want these kids to being to develop a culture of protection toward the environment I always like to take initiative I cannot sit with my arms crossed when there are so many things to be done Helping others and getting other people to be as passionate about work as I am is my greatest source of satisfaction Naldi Delgado, graduate of the Universidad del Pacífico Producing responsible leaders for the world

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Posted by: lriveros on Aug 9, 2011

As part of the Universidad del Pacifico’s “Responsible Leaders” proyect, which features the diverse stories of outstanding alumni, Pro Mujer in Peru’s Country Director Naldi Delgado talks about what inspires her to make positive changes in her community and how together, we can all make a difference in the world.

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