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Capitalism - A Love Story

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This is Michael Moore. I am here to make a citizen's arrest of the board of directors of AIG. (narrator) From Michael Moore... We're actually here to make a citizen's arrest. Speak to my supervisor. (Michael) In the white shirt? (man) Yep. (Michael) Blue tie? (man) That's him. (Michael) Receding hairline? (narrator) ...the guy who brought you "Bowling for Columbine" "Farenheit 911", and "Sicko"... Who else do you want to leave the building? Your cameraman and your crew. (Michael) Oh. (AIG Superviser) Come on out. (Michael) They don't speak English. Donde. (narrator) This fall, the most feared film maker in America... Can I talk to you sir for a second? Can you tell me what a credit default swap is? Can you explain a derivative for me (narrator) ...will reveal what happens when Wall Street tanks... (announcer) Stock markets crash.... (announcer 2) ...bankruptcy... (announcer 3) ...foreclosure... A global meltdown. (narrator) ...and a government bails... (Michael) By spending just a few million dollars to buy Congress, Wall Street was given billions. The motion is adopted [gavel pounds] (guy on phone) You know who Michael Moore is, don't you Betty? The film director? He's filming me right now. (Michael) How did this collapse happen? (Rep. Hill) I got home on a Friday, everything was just fine. I call back after my plane landed in Indiana, and all of the sudden we've got this crisis on our hands. There's gotta be some kind of a rebellion between the people that have nothin', and the people that's got it all. Everything was being handled by the treasure secretary from Goldman Sachs They had Congress right where they wanted them. This was almost like an intelligence operation. This is straight up capitalism [gun imitation] Che-che-boom. (Michael) Where's our money? [takes deep breath] I don't know. [music: MIA - "Paper Planes"] ♪All I wanna do (che che che boom) ♪ The people here aren't really in charge. I guess you win. We want our money back. Capitalism offers people the freedom to choose... where they work, There isn't anything in here. I'm not going to be a gentlemen's club hire dancer. We're here to get the money back for the American people. I got more bags - ten billion probably won't fit in here. [captions by]

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Capitalism - A Love Story Captioned Trailer

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