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JAN16BC_Clear Your Clutter 003

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>> We spoke in the last video about the importance of clearing your clutter. But now, I want to talk to you about why clutter and how you manage that is actually related to how you manage your finances. You may be horrified looking around your interior space right now and seeing the piles of paper, and dirty dishes, and all the chachkies on the top of your dresser. But don't worry, because I'm going to give you some practical steps that are not hard and that won't take you very long to get it all cleared up. I mentioned that how you deal with your clutter is actually related to how you deal with your finances. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that how you do anything is how you do everything. And so the way you're approaching your personal space and how much care you're taking for your personal space is actually related to how much care you are taking for your finances. When I used to go to people's homes and look at their space, one of the things that we talked a lot about was self-care and how important it is to create a beautiful home that really supports your well-being as an act of self-love. Similarly, when I talk to people about their money, we talk about how important it is to know how much you spend, to know how much you earn, and to become a masterful money manager as an act of self-care. Because how we're treating ourselves is related to how we're treating our money, because whether we have money, whether we don't have money and how chaotic that area of our life is actually deeply impacts our ability to take care of ourselves. And so taking care of your money is actually a profound act of self-love. Taking care of your space is also a profound act of self-love. Let's get into how to deal with your clutter, because everybody's got some, it's not like everybody is living in this architectural digest home, everyone's got some areas of clutter. So there are a couple of things that you can take a look at when you're dealing with your clutter. The first one is, do I need this? It's really simple question, do I need this? Like, for example, if you love cooking gadgets and you've suddenly ended up with five spatulas, ask yourself as you hold up each spatula, do I need this particular spatula? I bet you, chances are good that you maybe only need two to three different kinds of spatulas instead of five to six. If you've determined that you do need that item, like, you really need that item, great, keep it. But if you've determined that you don't need that item, then you move on to the next question, which is, do I love it? For examples, I own more sweaters than I technically need, but there are a few sweaters in my closet that I've kept extra because I love them. When I put them on, I feel beautiful, they fit me well, and they keep me warm. The second rule of feng shui after clear your clutter is live with what you love, because when we live with what we love, our entire home sparks joy and inspires us to be our best selves. One of the easiest ways to clear up the energy in your home, especially in your wealth and prosperity area is to get rid of the things that you don't love, because what business do you have living amongst things that you don't love. Every thing that's in your home is actually speaking to you, believe it or not, on an energetic level. And so as you look around your home and you're getting rid of your clutter, ask yourself as you pick something up, if this object were to be speaking to me, what it would it be saying? A great example of this is a piece of jewelry that, say, your grandmother gave you. You know, it's a family heirloom, it has not only sentimental value, but perhaps, some monetary value, and so you've kept it for all these years because, you know, it was given to you by your grandmother. But if you go back and look at it through your "new feng shui eyes," you may find that you don't actually even like it. So there's all kinds of objects in your home that you may find you've been keeping for one reason or another but that you don't actually love them. So I want to empower you to let go of the things that you don't love even if you think you should be keeping it for some reason. When we hold on to things because we think we should be keeping them, whether somebody gave them to us, whether they have monetary value that, like, maybe some day down the line, on some random day, you're gonna maybe sell it, which you know you're probably not even going to do. Or because, let's say, you're keeping a couch that you kind of don't like but it kind of work, but the springs stick into your butt when you sit on it, and there's lot of things that don't work about it. But you keep that couch because you're afraid you're never going to make enough money in order to get the couch you actually want. That's the kind of thing that blocks money from coming into our lives, because if we keep stuff either for sentimental reasons or for money reasons that actually we don't love and it doesn't serve us, what that's saying to the universe is that we don't believe we are enough to have what we want, we don't believe we can earn enough to have what we want, we don't believe that we are valuable enough to have what we want. And as a result, your life will totally reflect that limiting belief. Instead, when we allow ourselves to let go of the stuff that's no longer serving us, both physically and otherwise, right? Because you can have relationship clutter, you can have friendship clutter, you can have career clutter. When we're allowing ourselves to let go of these things, even if there's a void left, even if there is an emptiness left, like, maybe you don't have a couch in your living room for a couple of weeks, what's beautiful is by the vacuum law of prosperity, you actually will suck in or attract that which will serve you when you're willing to let go of what doesn't serve you because it affirms, I know I can have what I want, I believe the universe will provide for me, and I'm enough, and I deserve it. Once you've done the radical act of letting go of the thing that no longer serve you, letting go of what you don't need, and letting go, even more importantly, of what you don't love, then what you need to do is stay vigilant about not letting the clutter pile back up. Now I will say, inevitably, you're going to get a little corner of stuff, and flotsam and jetsam around your house. But now with your new feng shui eyes, you will actually be able to see that as a potential prosperity block, as a potential energetic block instead of just ignoring it and feeling like, "Uh, I'm too tired to go through my papers," or "Uh, I'm too tiered to put away my clothes," because now you know how important it is. So I think one of the most important ways to keep clutter from piling back up is simply to know how important it is to not let it pile back up, because then, it will become a priority. Some people really love to set a timer for five minutes and just give themselves five minutes to see how much they can tidy up in that amount of time. I think that's a really great way to keep clutter at bay, and if you do five minutes every day, you will be amazed at how tidy your home stays and how even you energy flow remains as well. An example of how this works specifically is, I have a client who took our "Feng Shui For Financial Freedom" course and she cleaned out a cupboard that was over her refrigerator and in the kitchen, and that happened to be in her wealth and prosperity area. And she realized that was the cupboard where they have just been sticking all their junk for years because they didn't know what else to do with all the junk. So she finally opened up the cupboard, went through all the stuff, got rid of it, it only took her like 20 minutes, way less than she had probably spent thinking about, "Oh, I should clean out that cupboard." And within a couple of days, her husband came home with an unexpected $6,000 bonus check. Now that could be a coincidence, for sure, but I choose to believe that it was a result of getting the energy flowing again in her life and clearing up that clutter so that she was opening the doors wide to invite more prosperity. As a review, we talked about clearing out your clutter and how important that is to your life and specifically, to your financial well-being. We talked about when you have clutter, you want to ask yourself, do I need this, do I love this, and if not, we talked about releasing it so that you can affirm to the universe that you know you deserve that you can have what you want. So now my call-to-action to you is to go to an area of your home that's cluttered, set a time for five minutes, and see how much you can let go of in that amount of time. You'll have so much fun.

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JAN16BC_Clear Your Clutter 003

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