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Can I just hear it in those little speakers, for a second? Right where you stopped, just... I don't need to know which is... - That's B. - Right. I would vote for A also. Let's listen to A all the way through and see if we have any specific notes. The Bs sound duller for some reason. - It's got a lot more bass. - It's soggier sounding. Wet and soggy. A sounded real aggressive. I have to understand what it is that happens when I perform the downbeat there. That'll be your bracelets. That'll be your bracelets. - Is that what it is? - During the bass break. In the stop, right before the main riff it's you going like this, and your bracelets going "chink". And you didn't get the memo about no bracelets on the album. We've always had that bass slide in there so you didn't hear it and we took the bass slide out, now you hear it. - But we can get rid of that. - Yeah. I think it's cool. Makes it sound like somebody in the room is actually playing drums. Your hand must go right past one of the cymbal mics, because it really... - The guy who invented rap music... - I never noticed it until just now. Let me hear it on the big speakers. That's the type of stuff... Why do you listen to it on headphones because you hear everything...? - Let me hear it on... - When you say the big speakers, you mean those? No, those are little speakers, they're little speakers around your ears. - Just the bass break? - Just the bass break. I guess what bugs me is, it's not so much the bracelets, it sounds like... - I should be able to switch... - It sounds like something gets unmuted. I should be able to get rid of that really easily. No, it sounds like, here comes the drums, let's turn all the drums back up, or something. - That sounds... - That should be easy. - It's not a make-or-break thing. - Well, I should be able to switch to the bass only at that spot and just get rid of it. Bass only?! That's scary! As long as it doesn't sound tricky. It has to sound natural. As long as I can get the drums back in right, that should be easy.

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 3, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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