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Line 6 XD-V75 Digital Wireless Mic System - Review

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♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing] In live sound the microphone makes all the difference. How you sound on a microphone will determine what the guy on the console can do to get your sound to be clear and full. That means a good mic locker has a lot of microphones. You can have an SM58, an EV767, beta58, they're all great microphones. But, depending upon whether you have a male vocal or a female vocal, one will sound great, the other won't. So, getting a good mic match is the key to good sound. Well, sometimes you just can't afford to have all these microphones ready to go. So that's where Line 6 comes in.

The Line 6 V75 is the new microphone from Line 6. It's a wireless microphone runs on 2.4 GHz, but the important thing is it has mic modeling. It has a digital circuit that models each of these microphones, from a beta58 to a 767. Let's take a look over here, and you'll see the chart. You can see that this model, the B58 model is based on a Shure Beta58. That's one of my most favorite microphones for male vocals. It's the microphone I use in worship. Sennheiser E835, another popular microphone, 767, nice smooth microphone with a little bit of bass presence to it. Brings out a little bit of warmth. You have the classic SM58. Everybody's got 58s and they sound great on female vocals, get a little bit of presence there. The E4100 Audio-Technica and the Audix OM5, as well as the Sennheiser 935. So, a lot of different microphones. Line 6 made their mark in digital, uh modeling with guitars and guitar amplifiers. And now they've translated that over into their wireless microphones.

So the new model, the V75 is also exciting because it can run up to 14 frequencies at a time. And so, you can have 14 mics, each microphone can be modeled to one of these that I've just talked about. In the past they've only been able to do up to 7 channels because of the way they run the 2.4 GHz channel frequencies. The new models cut that in half. All you do is coordinate with any wireless that you have uh, wireless Wi-Fi going on in the, uh, in the area, and it has a circuit to pick that up, it'll show you what those are, and you can just avoid those. So, the new Line 6 V75's a great model. Take a look at it. Check it out. You're gonna find that it's a fantastic tool in your toolbox. ♪♫♪♫............[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 12, 2012

Getting a good mic match is the key to getting good sound. Line 6 has created a new microphone that has a digital circuit that models the sound of a variety of microphones. This eliminates the need to have a big case with a bunch of different microphones in it to address a wide variety of vocal types. Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions reviews the Line 6 V75 handheld digital microphone.

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