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LC-1000 Latching Roller Core Chuck

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The LC-1000 Latching Roller Chuck is a core locking device used on the unwind or rewind position in the following applications: Form, Fill and Seal Packaging... Window patching envelopes... Pharmaceutical packaging... Food packaging... Tag, Tape or Label Processing... Film and Foil Laminating... Coating This device can be used in cantilevered and through-shaft processes. And can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A slight rotation locks the core in place without the need for air, keys or special tools. As the winding process begins the rollers continually grip the core in response to the torque being transmitted. More torque means higher grip force. The chuck functions in both directions so the web can be pulled either way without changing the chuck's position. A simple turn of the roll in the opposite direction unlatches the chuck for easy removal of the core. Because the chuck has a minimal number of moving parts it is very durable and requires little maintenance. The urethane rollers provide non-slip engagement of the core without causing damage. In addition, they will grip virtually any core material, including: Fiber, metal, composites or plastics. The patented design of the chuck's hex features a detente, which allows the latching action and ensures concentric expansion. With concentric expansion, rolls don't bounce making it easier to control web tension and subsequent product quality. The chuck features a split-flange clamping system for easy installation and repositioning. And it takes just seconds to securely fasten an LC-1000 in place. With other devices changing rolls is a tedious process, taking valuable time away from production. Cones or wedges often get stuck in cores requiring even more valuable time to remove them! The LC-1000 is impossible to get stuck in a core. Roll changes are effortless. And injuries are eliminated by ending the need to remove jammed cores with a hammer. With the LC-1000 there are no more of these time consuming problems. The LC-1000 is often used in through shaft applications in conjunction with a simple collar which helps to stabilize wider rolls. It is available with or without a flange in varying lengths and in diameters starting at 3 inches.

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Posted by: icarion on Mar 7, 2011

LC-1000 Latching Roller Core Chuck

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