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Hamlet act 5 scene 2 IES San José de la Rinconada

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- So you escaped from the ship, my Lord? - Yes. I found a letter, Horatio, from Claudius to his friend the King of England. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were carrying it secretly, but I decided to read it. - What did the letter say? - You won't believe this, Horatio: it told the King of England to kill me! Immediately! - So Claudius killed your father, and now he wants to kill you, because you know the truth! - That's right, Horatio. He is a dangerous man. But I will kill him first. And I will tell the world that he murdered the true King! - My lord, Laertes would like to have a sword fight with you. Just a friendly fight - it will be interesting for everyone to watch, he thinks. - A sword fight? Yes! Tell him I'll play. That's good, Horatio. I like Laertes. I'm sorry that I fought him earlier. - Now, Hamlet and Laertes: shake hands. - We want you to be friends. - Laertes, I was wrong to say those things at the funeral. Please think of me as a brother and a friend. - Very well. Let's start! - Bring the swords! - And bring in the wine! If Hamlet wins, I will drink! - Laertes, take this sword. There's poison on it! - But what if I can't touch him with the sword? - Don't worry. I have put poison in his wine. Hamlet will die! - Come on, Laertes - let's start! - You win the first time, Hamlet. - Wait a minute. Give this drink to Hamlet! Drink, Hamlet! - Not yet. Are you ready, Laertes? - Well done, Hamlet! Are you getting too hot, my dear? Do you want some wine? I'll have some! - Stop! Gertrude! Don't drink! - What's the matter, my love? - Come on, Hamlet, let's fight again. Shall I do it now, my lord? - Wait... I don't know... The Queen... - Come on, Laertes. You aren't trying! - My lord! There's blood on your face! - What's happening? Is he trying to kill me? - Don't worry, she's all right. She feels ill when she sees blood. - No! It was the wine! Oh, my dear Hamlet! - Guards! There's a murderer in here! Lock the doors! - It's too late, Hamlet. You are going to die. No doctor can help you now. There was poison on the sword - and in the drink! You are going to... die - Well, poison, do your work! - Guards! Guards! Help me! - Murderer! Drink this, and follow my mother into death! Horatio, I am dying. - And I will die with you, my lord.There is still some poison in the cup. - No! You must live, Horatio. I want you to tell the truth about me, and Claudius, and my father. Death is coming fast... No more words... - Now breaks a great heart. Good night, sweet Prince. Rest now - the world will know the truth.

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School performance of Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2

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