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【大食い】ケンタッキー12本バーレル×4 , 48ピース!【木下ゆうか】

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Hello its Kinoshita Yuka I've bought 4 12 piece Buckets today so in total I have 48 pieces!!!! the price of all this exceeds $100... something like this has been a dream of mine to be able to have a stomach full of KFC and since this is the years end and winter break I wanted to do something special Itadakimasu!! this all looks so yummy I will start with my favorite piece here OMG its crazy good. and this is all freshly fried as well. when I went to pick this up they were hurriedly finishing cooking all this freshly fried things are the best!!! the skin is so crisp and the chicken meat inside is so very JUICY!! thigh meat is the best second one first plate of chicken is done on one plate there are 6 pieces the chicken is so steamy hot its super yummy just feeling the plate they're super hot ITADAKIMASU its super juicy inside second dish is all done and on here there is a pic of Santa lol and here you can see the sadness I harbor because I wasn't able to throw a Christmas party this year.. I can't get enough of this KFC skin it has a tonne of Umami sealed within ok third dish is done I've gone thru 24 pieces now wait no...its 18 pieces 24 pieces down!! hmm yeah we would usually buy a bucket of chicken at christmas with my family and we were only allowed a certain amount of pieces each and I was grateful for a KFC dinner and now that I'm an adult I can have as many as I want... being an adult is great!!! ok 30 pieces are all done I regret to say the chicken is starting to get cold... and thus I shall go warm them I've warmed them. and I shall start on my 6th plate its so warm!! I've turned down the heat as well and this room was getting cold as well for greasy meals some juice is very nice 36 pieces are all done ugh my jaw.. my jaw is starting to get tired... chewing is starting to become difficult but its still yummy though!! the amount I drink has started to increase I've finished 42 pieces now only 6 pieces remain I'll do my best.. wow my jaw... this sucks... so I think I'll take a little Haagen Dasz break. to be able to fulfill my dream of all this KFC I started wanting something sweet as well its yummy and its also just out of the freezer and is rock hard frozen I will continue eating final piece all done!!! oops forgot about the ice cream lol the chicken was also very yummy ahh its melted just nicely Gochisosamadeshita to be able to fulfil my childhood dream at years end... KFC is very yummy even when you eat a tonne of KFC it is still yummy to the end. and everyone please try at least once to eat your fill of KFC till you are full and as always thanks for watching if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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Posted by: aphexx on Dec 30, 2015

【大食い】ケンタッキー12本バーレル×4 , 48ピース!【木下ゆうか】

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