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Hi, my name's Richard Brooks and I am the Vice President Union Development and Deputy President of the National Union of Students. What I wanted to say was that the NUS has a really long and proud history of winning on behalf of students, both in Cambridge and across the UK. We are the reason why 16-25 Railcards exist, we're the reason why students don't pay council tax why the voting age in the 1970s was lowered from 21 to 18 all the way through to the fact that postgraduate loans are coming in next year as well as the non-academic sanctions for academic fines, so the fact that you can't get stopped from graduating now because you have a library fine is because of work that the National Union of Students did. Now, there are a number of really legitimate concerns about NUS and one of them is around our democracy and how representative it is and we offer the opportunity for every single student across the UK to elect their delegates to vote up and down policy and the direction of NUS at National Conference. We are aware that that doesn't work for everyone and that it's not always clear, and that's why I was mandated when I was first elected as Vice President Union Development last year to do a democratic review, and next year at National Conference 2017 we will be bringing that democratic review to vote through to change NUS' democracy. So, if you want to be a part of shaping that, if you want to be a part of changing fundamentally the way NUS does its democracy you need to be a member of NUS So that's the first one. On the really legitimate concerns of Jewish students up and down the country, about NUS' rhetoric and the way that it talks about the marginalisation of Jewish students what I want to say is that we absolutely do take those concerns at face value, they are legitimate, and that any form of anti-Semitism, on campus, or in wider society,

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