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ICANN-CAIRO-2008 - Welcome Ceremony

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Internet Technologies Domain Names World and ICANN Present ICANN CAIRO Egypt November 2008 ICANN Welcome Ceremony A NovaMedias Production Sponsored by [♪ Progressive Music ♪] [clapping] Peter Dengate Thrush Chairman - ICANN [speaking Arabic] Apologies to the Arabic speakers among you. [audience laughs, claps] And to all again, welcome to Cairo. Welcome to everyone, and especially guest, Dr. Tarek Kamel, Egypt's Minister of Communications. And its very fitting that we are here today in Cairo. This country and this city are rich in history, and as we all know, that history reaches back to the dawn of civilization. And the key to the modern world is gaining access to that history for some characters, characters in unreadable scripts. Hieroglyphics to be precise. We've lost touch with the human past, because for centuries there was no code, no access to those hieroglyphics that represented the ancient Egyptian language, but the Rosetta Stone cracked the code and opened up our shared human history. And the work the ICANN community is going to do over the coming days here in Cairo is going to play a somewhat similar role. They are going to provide the characters and scripts and languages to help us open up the future. And in turn, to increase our openness, and make us more innovative, and assist the progress and change. That will allow the rest of the world to share an opportunity we are all in this room so passionate about the internet. We at ICANN have just released the draft implementation plan for the fast track of IDN ccTLDs. I am particularly looking forward to a long discussion about this program. Its hard to predict what the internet will look like in another decade, but one thing is certain: the ICANN model will play a part. The model is flexible, its global, and its a consensus-driven piece. Its coordinated, not controlled. So we think we'll play an important roll over the next 10 years as a foundation for the continuing evolution of the internet. So I officially welcome you to ICANN's 33rd international meeting, and I wish you all luck as you help chart the next steps for the single, global, and tropical internet. Now it gives me great pleasure to invite Dr. Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, to speak to us. He has a PhD in computer networks, has been Secretary of the Egyptian Internet Society, and has been a keynote speaker at the United Nations internet governance meetings. We are indeed fortunate to be hosted by such an accomplished minister. Dr. Kamel. [audience claps] Dr. Tarek Kamel Egyptian Minister of Communication & Information Technology Good morning everyone, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. I am starting by welcoming you all on behalf of the government of Egypt, the entire community of Egypt, and on behalf of myself. Indeed it is a pleasure and an honor to see such a distinguished gathering, coming for the 2nd time to convene in Egypt. Before I start, I just want to share with you two statements, what I need to be honest and genuine about. The first one is that the last time I attended an ICANN meeting was 8 years ago when we convened here in Egypt in March of 2000. The second issue is related to the speech. My folks have prepared a long speech for me, and they think ministers need to be serious, formal, and very focused. But I decided that I will tell the official press agency as if I have delivered this speech and put it on the website with your permission, and make sure that, as if I had delivered the speech, I'll try to talk freely and try to give some remarks... [audience clapping] ...about what I think about the internet achievements as well as our challenges. I have to start by thanking my dear friends, Peter Dengate Thrush and my dear friend Paul Twomey, the President of ICANN. I've known Paul now for 10-15 years and indeed he has been among others, one of our partners, to develop the internet in the emerging countries and the developed world. Thank you again for your time. Thank you for coming to Egypt, and we look forward to excellent deliberations. Thank you. [clapping] Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Dr. Paul Twomey, the President and CEO of ICANN, who will say a few things to Dr. Kamel. Paul Twomey President and CEO, ICANN Dr. Kamel, thank you so much. As you know, in my life I have worked with many ministers. It is both humbling and frankly a bit scary to work with a minister who actually knows what he is talking about, a minister who is so well versed in policy, politics, vision, and technology. The history of the technology community is unique and you've shown again today how much of a grasp you have on this issue, not just from an Egyptian context, not just from an international context, but from a regional global context. We very much appreciate your leadership, both in Egypt, but we particularly appreciate your leadership in the African Union context, in the Arab League context in the Middle East, as well as globally. We look forward to the IGF meeting here next year. I'm proud to say, yet again, thank you for your hospitality, the Egyptian government, and our sponsors. It is an indication of your leadership and of that hospitality, and this is the only city in which ICANN has been twice. With the exception of some founding meetings in Los Angeles, and I think our coordination this week has shown why we have such confidence of our friends in Egypt. So thank you very much. On behalf of the community, I have a small gift. [audience clapping] [♪ Egyptian Music ♪] Copyrights 2008 All Rights Reserved

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Welcome Ceremony

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