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Masters of KAB. Class #11 : Rav on Brain & our robotic process

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How the thought begins - our robotic responses Of course it's a precise number, because here he's giving us the specific detail on how the thought begins. On how the thought begins. How does the thought begin? It begins because of a prior incarnation and then the though starts coming in, but we know, when the thought becomes revealed to us, it's because it's touched base with Malchut. When it's touched base with Malchut. But even then it is not the thought we have. Because we said, first, the Keter, the highest vessel comes in and the lowest, of that thought, only of that thought. Because a person moves into different consciousness maybe a million times a day. Million times a day. He's not always on the same level. Sometimes it could be that he maintains that level. But to give you even a short, a slight illustration, only slight. Wakes up in the morning, feels great. Wakes up in the morning, feels great. Goes into the office, first thing the secretary says is, you know he called me, he says, he's cancelling the order. Your consciousness changed. Did anything... What do you mean changed? Well now I don't feel so good like I felt one minute before she told me that he just canceled the big order. My consciousness changed. A thought came in. Whatever the thought comes in now, that reduces me. What? Into a feeling of not high depression because... So I lost one customer but it changed within me a consciousness. So the thought comes in, Oh well if that order is then, then I have to reduce this and that and how will I pay that bill? I figured if that came in I would pay this bill. You know how many thoughts accompany just that one little piece of information? Endless. Endless. What the Ari is presenting here is how each of these consciousness react and how it becomes finally, because how long does it take from the time that I receive this information, that this man canceled his order, to all of the ideas that now emerge as a result of this piece of information. How long does it take for me to calculate all the things in my mind? Split second. Split second. Why? Because if you're talking about light, we say a split second, it's not even a second, it's an illusion. Because when it becomes manifested then we are talking about what? The final stage. The final stage. Not all of the processes that have gotten into it. That finally come out. Even though there could be a million thoughts that I recognize as a result of that one piece of information, right? One piece of information. [hebrew] I should say a big order was lost and then my head starts to move, it does this. But that is all preceded, that is all preceded by the mechanisms that go on before it actually becomes revealed to me as, well I'll have to fire 100 people because the reason I kept these 100 people, I thought this order was coming in, and then I have to do with this, with the bank and... I mean all of the calculations that come into my mind that I think I'm processing. Which I am not by the way. It's an automatic process. (audience question: What?) All of the results (Audience: all the results), All the results. But what we're talking... (Audience question: Even the way I think?) Even the way I think. (Audience: Isn't it a matter of...) Robotic. Robotic. All the way. (Audience: All robotic) Nothing. Until we come to that. Until we come to that conclusion we have no chance of changing the cassette. (Audience question: No, but we still have a choice to change the way we're thinking?) That's right. But if I think, that the thought before I have to change it, Oh, it's going downhill, well without this order I mean I can, I may as well close up 40 of my plants all around the world, without this order, and I'll have to be satisfied with... I mean, instead of 5 billion dollars of orders now I'm down to 5 thousand dollars. Do I need 40 plants for 5 billion dollars worth of orders, do I need 40 plants all around the world? No, now I... All of this thinking is robotic. Robotic. If I do not accept it as being robotic, who says I have to accept that I'm robotic. I mean the ego, first of all told me: You're robotic. I mean, you learned that you're robotic, but you believe it? Right? So he also participates right away. Immediately, he participates. And I do think it's robotic. If I don't think it's robotic than I'll never be in control. Because the fact is, it is robotic. Even your thinking. "I just finished studying here, the Rav says, It's robotic!" What do you mean robotic? I mean, I have no thought over here, how to change things? Like you just said, can't I even change things? As long as you do not recognise that it is robotic, then everything that is happening, the going up and the going down, is robotic, you have no chance of changing it. You have no chance of changing it. Why don't you have a change of changing it? I mean, why do I have to accept, why can't I say that... it's not robotic. These things happen. It was unforeseen. Unfortunate. Who knew that there would be a frost in California and I have plantations in California. I mean you're going to tell me that this was robotic? That the weather came and I have no thought over here? Of course I have thoughts. I figured it out, it was perfect. I figured it out. It was perfect. But along came the weather and killed the whole season. Who could figure out that? Who could figure out that? Therefore, now I'll take the necessary steps, because again, everything that's happened until that unfortunate moment, that the weather changed my whole business. Until that moment, I controlled the whole situation, down the line. Because you have to admit one, one little instant there, that there was no control. Right? There was one case, where there was no control. The weather. That's clear. There was no control over the weather. So to speak. So to speak! Because, he once, he is in control. Meaning, everything that's happening is me. Nothing of this, that it's all robotic. Robotic consciousness. And because of a prior lifetime and because this is where I am, I have a number 4, I'm supposed to be a billionaire. He doesn't accept that. That he was supposed to be one. But it's all his effort. He started from rags, now he's up to riches. I mean it's all him. So he injects all that as me. Except! Is there a time in life that there is no except? Never. There is always except! Always except! So we have, we have come to the conclusion, it's robotic, because this whole world is an illusion. I mean if you're dealing with illusion and you say you're in control of illusion. What's the first thing they would do if you said that? Lock you up. Is that correct? If you say your in control of an illusion. I mean the whole thing is an illusion and now you're talking about control of the illusion? They have to lock up a person like that, who talks that way. Is that correct? But more important than that, he injected the idea, that you know what, there is a point there, that I am not in control. Like this he's talking, I'm going to control the illusion. Everything I do, that appears illusion, I'm in control. But then he comes to one point and says, no, at one point there that I didn't have control, the weather, the weather I did not, had no control Then he injected. He injected into this whole procedure the idea, that he is not in control. That comes to every person's life. If he wants to say, because we learn, that if you say, you are in control, than you are in control. If I say there's no chair, there's no chair. When is the chair there, when I decide it's a chair. So by the same token, that if I say I'm in control, than that's wonderful! Isn't it? If you say you're in control, are you in control? You say you're in control. You don't call it illusion effect. You say, what're you talking illusion? I calculated, I figured it out. And it all came up that this should be successful. Then along came something that was not. So you have two opposites of the way we think. Two opposites. Number one we say, everything that has preceded, everything that has preceded, until an unfortunate case. Until that unfortunate case. I have no control. Because I say, all robotic, it comes from a prior incarnation. Now suddenly, the unfortunate, the weather comes. And then I learn here, when the weather comes I should accept. When the weather comes and wiped out the whole plantation. Then I say, wait a second, wiping out, is that part of the light? Is that part of the light? No, it can't be. Could the light destroy? Can God destroy? Is God part of destruction? Others will say, well, that's what God meant it to be. So he becomes a Tzadik and he says, what can I do, God, God meant it to be. What about, did God mean it to be, that you should get to the point, where you have now 2 million acres of plantation. Now you're a billionaire, right? Who had a part in that? Not the Light. That was me. I'm going now, if we say that I developed that, right? Then when it comes to something that's unfortunate, who, who did that? That God did. That the Light did. Therefore, therefore, he has no control, because he's relinquishing control. And not only, he's relinquishing control, but he, he's got it all, he's got it backwards yet. He's got it backwards. He says the Light controls, when that's the time that I should be controlling, not the Light. When I should be saying: Ah, all my plantations are destroyed. Ah, well, I didn't know. God, God's saying what are you [didn't understand] for 2 million acres of plantation? You almost fell into the illusion that things are going so well. Don't you know, who wants you to stop there? I want you to go into some other business. That over there, you're supposed to not make 1 billion dollars, but 20 billion dollars. Brain while sleeping

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