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Arcadia: Behind The Scenes

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I am Elizabeth Helman and I am the director of Arcadia. I am very excited about that. And so my role is basically to director the play and cast it and work with the students and blocking and coaching and working with designers...and all that. I read the script a long time ago, like I think when I was in high school. And so I looked into all the Stoppard stuff and read this one and I thought it was really interesting ...but a lot of stuff just went right over my head. Reading it again the second time before auditions I was like "Oh now I get it." Yah this is an awesome play! So ya I am pretty excited about it. Some of my research, not all of it, I did a lot of research for this, I did a lot of scanning from my costume history books. And I got a lot of, of course, a lot off the web. But, um, that's where I started. And then after talking to Elizabeth and we sort of discussed colors and what her idea was. And essentially, you know, how she wanted Septimus to look. Well Septimus Hodge is, um, he's a very intellectual character but he also has a lot of seductive qualities to him. And I find the character matches really well with sort of what I am used to, I don't know, sort of style is to acting. And there's a lot of differences between me and Septimus, countless, but there is something about him that sort of kind strikes a cord with me. My character, Valentine, he's part of the modern cast. And he is kind of a nerd. He is very smart. He is just really interested in physics and just all the new discoveries that are going on. One of his lines is, "It's the most exciting time to be alive when everything you thought you knew is wrong." So...that's him. My favorite part probably bonding. It's not necessarily something that I am in charge of doing but it's, it's something that happens in every play. And by the end of the play everyone kinda of just a big family. There is something in it for everyone. Literature, poetry, and science and music and really everything.

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Posted by: umarket on Sep 2, 2009

Behind the scenes of the OSU theater performance of Arcadia.

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