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What is the difference between Conscious and Unconscious? Sadhguru

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what is in your awareness is conscious what is not in your awareness is unconscious we will come. right now you're awake so you're aware of the light, the air and this and that around you, and the people around you suppose you fall asleep suddenly you become unaware of all these things, isn't it? right now you're aware who is sitting next to you for some moment now I'm talking to you, you become unaware who is sitting next to you isn't it? so what you're aware of, what you're unaware of is varying the sphere and the area of your awareness is varying at different times, isn't it? you're not always aware to the same extent whether it's about the outside or the inside you're not always aware to the same extent when we talk awareness we are not talking about becoming more and more aware about the outside that is only for survival to the extent it is necessary for survival we must be aware of the outside...See, if you take the animals for example your dog first of all why dog entered your life, today maybe for other purposes but initially why dog entered your life is, he's much more aware than you about the outside, isn't it? if you fall asleep he still keeps hearing and smelling and tasting and everything around him that's why you keep the dog at home, isn't it? today maybe for companionship, because people have abandoned you but otherwise fundamentally dog came into our lives because he is more aware of the outside than you are, isn't it? he can see things and smell things and hear things that you cannot thats the reason why he has come into your life but we are not talking about that kind of awareness when we say awareness we are talking about you being aware of yourself so how much of you is in your awareness right now? if you look at it, you will see very small aspects of you are in your awareness so we have to deepen this process if awareness has to grow in one way if you look at it what you call as myself is a certain level of awareness,isn't it? Yes? If your awareness disappears, you also disappear isn't it so? right now you're alive. How do you know? Simply because you're aware. Yes? so in one way what you call as myself is a certain level of awareness but that awareness is happening in a minimal way we want to extend this to every aspect of who I that who I am becomes a completely conscious process how to do it? awareness has become a small thing simply because it's lost in these two heaps the heap of food that you gathered as body and the heap of impressions that you gathered as mind, especially the heap of impressions now if you separate it a little bit suddenly awareness is in full flow because its lost in this it is like there is a light bulb now if you cover it with lot of cloth still the light is burning but light doesn't see, doesn't help to see, isn't it? now one thing is to crank up the voltage so that light becomes more intense but the important thing is to remove the cloth that's covering it, isn't it? so we will do both one thing is to clear it up another thing is to crank up the voltage if these two things are done together, properly, sensibly then you will see you'll see more of yourself than ever before

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru the difference between conscious and unconscious. Sadhguru responds that what is in your awareness is conscious, what is not in your awareness is unconscious. (SaO10)

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