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Equal Money Will End Vivisection

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EQUAL MONEY WILL END VIVISECTION Equal money will end vivisection Strange enough vivisection is not as big a controversy or as largely opposed as it should be because it is entirely based on human greed and on human vanity Because it's all about the products that's in the vanity case as a primary point but there's obviously many other points, so Let's start with the beauty demon Vivisection comes into play with the testing of products that enhance the vanity of the human and that will come to an end completely in an Equal Money System because research will be focused on what is best to support every human equally from a perspective of the physical Natural beauty as the physical as the individuality of a person will be emphasized Currently individuality is not emphasized because you are in fact organized to support a form of sameness by buying beauty products So all is using the same brands and then in that you're apparently choosing colors But in fact you lose your individuality to a product that apparently must give you "value" and life thus is covered up in all kinds of products with a secret history of animal abuse All of that will end and all the animal abusers which is men and women using beauty products will at last be free without any effort on their side The only point that would be important would be to bring in an Equal Money System and then, this whole abuse will end As a collective the human race has got sufficient knowledge and enough humans has died that we can, if putting... if we put all this information that we have together we can come to the conclusion of what products are in fact best for the human, because the problem currently is that where profit is involved you can never actually trust any product Neither can you trust any environmental study because it's driven by corruption and profit and not by what is Best for All In an Equal Money system the only point that will be valid will be What is Best for All and there will be a lot stricter general, directive principles around the issue of harm when one is investigating what is Best for All Because it will be a statement of your integrity And integrity will be valued above all And integrity especially based on the principles of supporting and enhancing Life - in every way possible Thus investigate the Equal Money System Become part of it Your help and support will make sure that vivisection end At last there is a practical way that will bring an end to all forms of animal abuse and if you are part of any organization that is actively working to bring an end to animal abuse to vivisection - you should be part of the Equal Money organization as... at least as well because we actually have the practical solution and we will bring an end politically in a way where you don't have to fight about it in a way where you don't have to go and paint buildings with all kinds of signs In a way that is revolutionary, passively, peaceful - we will bring about a change in this world that will be permanent and your experience in campaigning to bring an end to vivisection and animal abuse will be greatly appreciated as we educate the populace about the reasons why an Equal Money System is so vital Join us Because, we have the answer and you have the will! Together - we have an outcome

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 13, 2011

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