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Adyashanti - Losing Identity

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global oneness project Losing Identity Ultimately, I see the main force of separation as fear, because the experience of separation... Adyashanti San Jose, California Spiritual Teacher ...although it is illusory, it seems to be a natural stage in the development of consciousness. Just like adolescence is a natural stage of development or being an infant, you don't look back and say why was I ever an infant? That was silly. I should have just skipped over that stage. I see this sort of ego development that comes with the sense of separation. It all has to do with how our brain works and the immense power that thought has. It starts to create this sense of self. I see that sense of separate self as illusory but actually as a stage of development. When you get to the threshold, which I think is where a lot of people are now, they experience that separateness and they find that it is inherently unsatisfactory. Not only for oneself, but very unsatisfactory for the world, and very unhealthy for the world. You feel that pull, like there's something else, but that's when you often start to uncover this tremendous fear because its a sort of death. Moving beyond the separate self is a death of an identity. On the level of thought, its a death, its very abstract to talk about it and describe it, but when it starts to happen to you, and you literally feel like you're gonna die, or you look in and you see the emptiness of the separate self, and it sounds very spiritual, but when you actually see it, it can really be quite terrifying, quite shocking. My God! The person I thought I was isn't here. For a lot of people I have talked to, there is this great fear of nonexistence. That's part of the irony, is we have to come to true existence through the doorway of nonexistence, of our own separate nonexistence, and it's very very frightening, and so we distract ourselves. The world we have created is a perfect world in which we can distract ourselves with endless amounts of entertainment. Triviality, and when you get down to it, its this deep fear of initially realizing I don't even really know who I am. I just really don't know who I am. Most human beings really don't know who they are. And then on top of that, there's that fear of meeting that existential emptiness, or nonexistence, because that's the doorway.

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