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Fulshear Treatment to Transition

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[Music] Nikki Preece: Fulshear Treatment to Transition is a residential treatment center for young adult women ages 18 to 24 that suffer from mental health disorders. Client: Having a mental illness used to affect me and how I felt about myself. I would get upset about it. Fulshear support system can help you. Nikki Preece: So we offer a wide range of clinical services here at Fulshear: Individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, equine therapy. Allyson Smith: We have an intense residential treatment of the program where they start and they're here for about three months. And then they transition to an apartment where they're more independent. Female VO: That helps our young women get into life and getting ready and prepared for a job or school and launching them into the life that they desire. Helaine Sandler: By taking what you learned in treatment into transition, you gain the self-esteem and the ability to continue doing so. Nikki Preece: A successful Fulshear candidate is a young woman who understands that she needs help and then someone who is willing to go through the hard work that it will take to get where she wants in her life. Client: Fulshear is a great place. It saved my life. Client: I really hit a low and I completely and totally unraveled at the seams. And I knew I needed help and I needed to be reeled in. Client: What I liked best living here on the ranch was the horses. Allyson Smith: Equine therapy is experiential because they're working with the horses and learning through the interactions that they have with the horses. Client: Being able to come here and ride two or three times a week, that was always just very helpful just to be out with the horses and kind of be able to think outside yourself. Because when you're on a horse, you can't think about your issues, you have to think about the animal below you. Kevin Randall: The focus of the program is really about helping them be able to have the ability to go out of this more contained environment at the ranch. We want them to be able to go look for jobs and be able to face the difficulties that come through a transition, you know, as they leave the ranch and go to the apartments. Parent of Client: It's not something that's a quick fix. And it takes time and attention and love. Parent of Client: It requires trust and somewhat a leap of faith. Parent of Client: We were from New York and we didn't know the staff here, but we have come to see that their hearts are just huge. Parent of Client: And the overall feeling is that we're all part of a family working together to make this family stronger. Parent of Client: We've seen change that's just amazing. So I think the one thing I would say is keep going. Keep going till it works. Parent of Client: If I were to speak about the financial commitment I'd say the value and the benefit has been so positive and so dramatic that we're willing to go the distance. Parent of Client: If the finances got even tighter we would find a way to keep her here because you're talking about an investment for life. Client: My self confidence andĀ self worth has improved dramatically. I love myself. That is the most amazing feeling, because I've never been this ha Helaine Sandler: If you're watching this video and you're wondering to yourself if Fulshear could possibly be that place that can help you to live the life that you so want for yourself, please stop thinking about it and pick up that phone and call us and let us help you to determine if we are the right place for you. Client: If you need help or know someone who needs help, don't be ashamed to get it. Nikki Preece: We can heal, we can have a better life. I want the young women out there who may feel sad and hopeless, depressed, anxious, feel there's no way out, to know that there are places like Fulshear that will help you and that will support you through this, and you can have the life you've always imagined.

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Fulshear Treatment to Transition is a residential treatment facility for young women ages 17-25. Fulshear's unique therapeutic model is designed to help young women overcome emotional, social and behavioral issues through clinically sophisticated treatment, health and wellness education, academics and experiential life-skills training. The program empowers young women by helping them prepare for healthy independence.

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