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The Shopping List

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All right guys, today we are gonna learn how to go grocery shopping and the English terms for a bunch of different foods that we can use to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. So our first meal of the day is breakfast. First, we're gonna get some bread so we can make some toasts. Now, we're gonna get some orange juice to drink with our breakfast. Now we have the eggs so we can eat with our toast and our orange juice: you can cook your eggs hard boiled, soft boiled, over easy, fried, any way you want. Ok, lasty for breakfast we're gonna have some bananas so we make sure we have a nutricious breakfast full of lots of fruits, proteins and bread. So our second meal of the day is lunch. We're gonna have a sandwich with the bread we already got and now we're gonna get some meat and cheese. So there's many options you can do for meat and cheese, but my favourite is turkey. So we have our turkey... Also for cheese we can choose between cheddar, colby jack, or provolone or mozzarella, but I'm gonna choose provolone. Also with lunch I like to have some vegetables. So I got a salad to make with my sandwich to make sure I get all the vegetables for my day. So for the last meal of the day we're gonna have pasta for dinner, and with our pasta we need some sauce as well. So with our pasta we're gonna have some greens, so I'm gonna get some green beans for us to cook. All right guys, that's how we go grocery shopping. I hope you learnt a bunch of English terms, and now we can make our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Posted by: asal on May 28, 2017

The Shopping List

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