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his wife's parents

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Here it is handsome Taganrog. Taganrog is the only city in Russia where pigeons do not spoil sites, and decorate them. In this city lives our old friend Sergey Belyakov, who loves to talk to the TV. What a rough tackle and our team is still in the minority. Yeah, in a sexual minority is our team for a whole year. Let's switch off ! What is it? Mom and Dad arrived. And цhat , we need to stop living or what? Why they were secured , then?Over in the year to come so ... Look here , if you like last year something say something , .... I cripple you out of the frying pan here , okay? Maybe you and I still think forbid ? Here I will sit and think about what I want! kind of monsters What a beautiful table ! We could just drink tea ! yes, of course, if you just drink tea then you 'll remember half of my life thank you , Mom , I tried ... Of course , she tried When my Dad was coming , so it just all over. As her something was needed, so fasten the screw in the kitchen But I'm probably a drink. Why do you drink so much , you beast painful , I'i have to take his in a hospital in a my back? It is a pity that Sergei work has not got a job ! You - what , goat curious ? every day to see your daughter is the work . To pay for it is necessary, as in hazardous work 've decided to make repairs in the kitchen yeah ... you decide , and then I 'll do it! very well , address , dad , Serge will definitely help you wtan do you do , the hippopotamus , and well shut up , pretend that nothing is heard ! oh thank you ! Let us for the May ... Yeah , as in May , and what my fishing ? At the May it just be free ... Excellent . Good for you, fatso ! Ditched my fishing, I knew it! Thank you ! Yes, and thank you , Daddy ! I'm just like the May 'm not going to go on a fishing trip I'II have to paint the kitchen for you, radiculitic donkey! What would you drop dead ! In April , you're restless ass ! We would have to bury you quickly , and then I and Leha go fishing normally! Did I say that out loud ?

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Duration: 2 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: None
Producer: Larisa
Director: Larisa
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Posted by: mamasha on Oct 3, 2013

This is one of a series of komicheskog oseriala our Rush. The protagonist - Sergey Belyakov. He lives in a beautiful Russian city of Taganrog.

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