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why don't you change?

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You've heard all this. You, as a human being. Why don't you change? What prevents you? If each one of us asked that question, not verbally, or merely intellectually as an entertainment, but asked that question most seriously and deeply, what's your answer? What's your answer to this problem that human beings have lived this way, for millenia upon millenia, why haven't they changed? Why haven't you, who are listening now, why haven't you changed? You know if you don't change what the consequences are. You'll be nationalistic, you'll be tribal, insular, isolated, and therefore having no relationship globally; fighting, fighting, fighting building up more and more armaments to destroy each other. now why don't you, if you are at all serious in this matter, why don't you ask yourself that question: Why am I; A human being, we've been through all this, why haven't I changed? what would be your answer? Either you are not serious, you want to live a very very superficial life and that superficiality temporarily satisfies you or you really don't care. As long as you have immediate pleasures, immediate satisfactions, you really don't care. You don't care for your children if they are murdered. You really have no deep love, affection for them. If you had, you'd prevent all wars. So, apparently none of these things mean anything to you. Or probably you are so deeply conditioned psychologically. Of course, we are biologically conditioned that's a different matter altogether, but psychologically conditioned and one is not aware of it, unless there is freedom from that conditioning, you'll go on this way. After all, life is what? One global unitary movement. So, In the same way our consciousness is common to all mankind. Now, if I radically change surely it affects the rest of the consciousness of man Now, Why don't you change? Why don't you change? Why don't you change? Why don't you change? Why don't you change? Why don't you change?

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Posted by: stardust on Jun 1, 2011

A re-edit of J. Krishnamurti's Life Story & Teachings:
Part 10.
An important message for humanity/consciousness.

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