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- Hello guys, sorry to keep you waiting. - That's okay. - Michelle, it's nice to finally meet you. - Hi, Doctor Baker. This is my husband, Curtis. - Curtis. - Hi. - Have a seat. So, why are we here? - I thought we already talked about that on the phone. - Yes, but I wanna hear it from the both of you. - Well, we have had some problems over the past few years. And we're here to try to fix it. - What kind of problems? - Look, this is a safe place. Yeah, I know why you're here. The first thing we need to do is for you both to acknowledge the reasons why. - Curtis? - She made me come here. - Why? - I don't know. - Curtis, why? - Because she says I have anger issues. - And do you think you do? - Everyone gets angry. - Not everyone has to go to therapy for domestic violence. Just put your mind at ease, I'm not here to point fingers. I'm just here to help you figure out what's going on. Michelle called me because she wants to save your marriage and with the way things have been going it's been very hard on her. - Right, Michelle? - Yes. - So there have been instances of abuse in your marriage? Can we talk about that, Curtis? - Sure. Whatever. - Good. You won't need that. This is all the social media we need. Right here. Michelle, can you tell me about the first time? - The first time? - The first time the abuse happened. The physical abuse, I mean. Do you remember it? - Uh, yeah. I remember. It was two years ago. Curtis had gone out with his friends. I wasn't feeling well, so I went to bed early. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn't home. - What time did you wake up? - It was 2.30 in the morning. I was worried, so I tried calling his cellphone. He always answers his cell. [phone ringing] [phone ringing] - Hello? - Hi, Marcus. I'm so sorry for calling you this late. - No, that's cool. What's up? - Um, is Curtis with you? - Curtis, I left him at the bar. - Oh, okay. Did he say where he was going afterwards? - No, we had met up with some other people that I couldn't really hang so, I had to dip. - Uh, okay. Thanks. - I'm sorry I couldn't help you. But you know Curtis, I'm sure he's okay. - Yeah, I'm sure. Bye. - Yeah. [door unlocks] - Curtis? Are you okay, where have you been? I've been calling you all night. - I'm okay, okay? - How come you didn't answer your phone? - I'm sorry. It's dead. - I keep telling you to get a charger for the car. Where were you, I was so worried. - I just had too much to drink so instead of driving I crushed at a friends house. - Wow, that was smart, but you still could have called me from there. - Ugh, you weren't feeling well so I didn't wanna wake you up. - I appreciate that, but a text message would have been sufficient Curtis, I was up all night. - Sorry baby. I wasn't thinking. - Yeah, sometimes you don't think. Do you want coffee? - God, yes. I've got to go to the bathroom. - How are you feeling, better? - Still a little anky, but better. - Good. - Tell me, who did you crash with last night so I give them shit for not letting me know you were there? - I crashed with Marcus. - Marcus? - Yeah. That fool drank out only as much as I did, but he lives close by the bar so we just went back there. - You were at Marcus's house last night? - Yeah. This is what I just said, I'm sure. What's wrong? - I was really worried about you last night Curtis. I thought you may have been arrested for a DUI, I thought you had an accident, I thought you might be dead, but not once did I think you might be cheating on me. Not once. - What the f*** are you talking about? - Where were you last night, Curtis? - I told you where I was, what's the matter with you? - You were not at Marcus's house last night. - The f*** what do you mean I wasn't at Marcus's last night? - Because I called him looking for your ass. He said he didn't see you after you left the bar. So where did you go? - Wait a minute. What are you doing with Marcus's number anyway? - What? - What are you doing with my friends number? You calling him behind my back? - Are you serious? - F*** I'm serious. What's going on there? - For your information, I got Marcus's number last year when we were planning your surprise birthday party. And what does that matter anyway? Where were you last night? - I was out drinking. - With whom? - Nobody. - So you were out drinking with nobody at 6.30 in the morning? And I guess 'nobody' let you brush your teeth at her house this morning? - What? You brushed your teeth Curtis. You think I can't tell the difference? You think I'm stupid? - Nobody said you're stupid, Michelle. - Who is she then? - Nobody. - Who is she? - You better stop f***ing with me. - Tell me Who is she? - Nobody, I was drinking alone and I fell asleep in the car. - Oh, so now you fell asleep in the car? You are such a liar. - And you're tough as bullshit. - What? You hit me! - Baby I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me babe. - You f***ing hit me. - I'm so sorry but you pushed me. - Oh, get away from me. - Come on, let me help you up. - Get away. Get away. Get away. Get away. [sobbing] - That was the first time he hit you? - Yes. - And how long had you been married up to that point? - Just over a year. - Did you think about leaving him? - Yes. - Why didn't you? - I just thought it was a one time thing. It's an accident. - Then you realized it wasn't a one time thing? It wasn't an accident? Why did you stay after the other times? - He's my husband. I love him. I married him for better or for worse and I know he gets passionate at times I'm hoping we can work through this. - Passionate, that's an interesting choice of words. - Well, sometimes I can be a pain in the ass. I know that. - I'm sure I can be a pain in the ass to my husband too. But he doesn't hit me because of it. Curtis, what did you mean by you pushed me? She kept nagging and nagging and... when she grabbed me, she kind of set me off. - And what did you feel after you hit her. - What do you mean what did I feel? I felt bad. - You said she kept nagging and nagging and after you hit her she wasn't nagging anymore. What were your feelings? I mean, it's okay. It's okay, we'll come back to it. Let's stop here. We'll pick up right here next week. Okay? I'll see you next... see you next week. - Thank you Doctor Baker. - Michelle it's gonna be okay. [door opens and shuts] - You okay? It looks like a pretty nasty cut. - It's not as bad as it looks. - Anytime someone else puts cuts and bruises on you it's as bad as it looks. What happened? - Everything happened so fast. We were having a great time. We had friends over grilling and hitting on the hot tub. - Hey, so when are gonna start planning what we're gonna be doing for the rest of the year? - I thought we were doing Oktoberfest. - Nice, a bunch of crazy drunk white dudes, getting drunk poker dancing... no offense. - Non taken. And I don't wanna go with a black () I met with a bunch of drunken black people drinking (). - Now that's just racist. - There you go. - Hey babe, can you get me another drink? - I got you. Anybody else? Ba bang! I'm getting a tip for all this work I'm doing I don't even live here. - Well come and get in the hot tub brother, I've got a tip for you. - You stop. - What about going to the Renaissance Festival? Come on, you guys ever been to a renaissance festival? - Yeah, folks dressed in medieval clothes eating big ass turkey (). - It's a little more passionate than that Curtis. - Oh hey, next weekend, you still want me to pick you up? - Next weekend? - Seriously Chell? Girls weekend... downtown? Ugh, you forgot! - Is it next weekend? - Yes, it's next weekend. How could you forget? - I didn't forget, I just... - You just forgot. - I just had a lot on my mind. Besides, I didn't mention it to... So, I don't think I can go. - You see, that's that bullshit right there. How could you forget Michelle? - I'm sorry (), let's just plan another weekend. - Ah ah, move. - Curtis, the girls are all going on a retreat next weekend, are you okay with that? - Looks like it's already been planned so what are you asking me for? - I just wanna make sure you're okay with it. - I'm fine with it. - Problem solved. - Ladies... All right, here we go. - Thank you Marcus. - () - Thanks babe. - Thanks honey. - Welcome. - Where's mine honey? - () got you man. - Hurry the f*** up. - Stop being a **** Curtis. - Stop splashing water on me. - What's the matter sweetie, afraid you might melt? - I'm serious Michelle. - Aw poor baby, let me baptize you. - Michelle! - Curtis, what are doing, stop. - How do you like being baptized? - Curtis you asshole! - What's the matter with you! - Yo... what the f*** was that man, that was fucked up dude. - Who the f*** asked you anyway? As a matter of fact, all of you motherfuckers get out of my house. Right now. Get! Get the f*** out! [door slams] - Goddammit! Curtis, could you bring me a towel please? Curtis? - What? - Could you bring me a towel? - Here. - Can you hand it to me? - You can come get it. - Curtis, just give me the towel. - If you want it come and get it. - Ugh, you are unbelievable. Really you're a child Curtis! - Give me a kiss. - Seriously? - All I want is a kiss. You know, since you are already all wet - Are you kidding me? You know you just drowned me. - Oh baby, I was just playing. - I said no. I said no. I said no! - Holy shit. - Hey guys, I don't mean to interrupt I'm just looking for my purse. - What the hell? - I didn't do this, she slipped. - You back up. Back up! Are you okay? Marcus Marcus get in here. Marcus. Marcus get in here. - Where is he now? - They held him overnight. - And you pressed charges? - No. - It really was an accident but because Marcus and Lin were there and they called the police they had to arrest him. It really was an accident. - Oh, I understand. But maybe this accident wouldn't have happened if Curtis hadn't tried to force himself on you. And maybe you would have thought about getting a towel if he hadn't tried to drown you a few minutes before. - He wasn't trying to drown me. - Yeah, this time. It's September since July Curtis has physically assaulted you. Four times, yet not including this incident. I'm, I'm wondering when is enough enough? [glass breaking] - Stop, stop let me go. - You wanna go? You wanna go? Come on bitch! Come on. Come on, go. You wanna go? Come on. Come on. You wanna go? Huh? You wanna go? You get the f*** out of my house. [door slams] - Curtis, I have a question for you. Do you love your wife? - Of course I do. I told you, I don't know why... - Hang on. Hang on. So let me ask you this. If you were walking down the street and you saw some man beating up Michelle what would you do? - I'd kick his ass. - Why? - Why? Because he's hurting my lady. I'm not gonna let that happen. - Oh, okay. So if you don't want Michelle getting beat up why are you beating up Michelle? Does it really matter who's doing it? If you love her then protect her. Yeah, protect her from strangers but protect her from yourself. Your job is to protect her and you're doing a really shady job. You might as well just take her downtown and let strangers punch her in the face. - I wouldn't do that. - What's the difference? I have given you tools to diffuse any situation, but you think beating her into submission is the answer? This is your wife. Look at her. Look at her. Michelle, Michelle. Look at him. Now, I want you to take her face gently in your hands. Do it. Curtis, look at each bruise each cut each scrape. You did that. You have this beautiful flower for your wife and you are desecrating her with your fists. Every time you hit her you are destroying a piece of her soul. Every hurtful word you are chipping away at her self worth. A man is supposed to build up his woman. A woman is supposed to build up her man. That's what relationships do. And all you've ever done is tear her down. If you aren't gonna change, then leave her alone. Michelle if he isn't gonna change then leave him alone. Just leave. I'll help you whatever you need. - You can't do that. - Bullshit I can't. Try me. You have to decide right here and right now that you have hit her for the very last time. And Michelle, you have to decide, Michelle you have to decide right here and right now that you have been hit for the very last time. If you both can't do that there's no point in coming back here. 'Cause either you'll end up in jail or Michelle you'll end up dead. So decide [laughter] - Well, guys. This is awesome. We have made some really great progress. No incidence in seven months, that's amazing. What's it been like for you, Curtis? - You know, it hasn't always been easy especially since I cut down my drinking. But I've been able to keep my temper under control even when she does something really stupid. I'm kidding. I'm kidding you. She's perfect. - And Michelle, how's it been for you? - Oh, my God it's like living with a whole different person. He's caring, and loving and more attentive. I couldn't be happier. - And how is baby? - The baby is doing great. Six months now. I'm ready. - Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet? - It's a girl. - Aw I am so happy for you both, I really am. And Curtis, I am so proud of you. You've really stepped up and became the man I always knew you could be. And I was hard on you. But your baby girl is gonna have a wonderful daddy. - Thank you. Thank you for everything. - Well, guys that's our time for today. I'll see you next time. Oh, okay. [laughing] - I'm over at the car babe. - Okay. - Thank you. - Yeah. You take care. - I will, you too.

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