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3205 Exercises to strengthen your posterior tibialis muscle and tendon

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Hello Your podiatrist has examined you and has found that one of the muscles in your lower leg is weak. This muscle is called the posterior tibialis muscle. We think that this weakness may be contributing to your foot, ankle or lower limb pain or discomfort. In this video we will show you some exercises to help strengthen the posterior tibialis muscle in one or both of your legs. The posterior tibialis is a muscle that runs down the back of your leg and into the arch of your foot. It is responsible for pointing your foot towards the floor, and turning it inwards. It also provides stability to the arch of your foot when you are walking or running. The easiest and simplest way to strengthen your posterior tibialis muscle is to do heel raises which involve pushing up onto your toes. To begin with, you may want to do this sitting down, but as your muscles strengthen, you will be able to do it standing up. From a sitting or standing position, slowly raise both heels off the ground at the same time, so that you are standing on tip toes. Hold this position for two seconds, and then slowly lower your heels to the ground. Repeat this ten times. After a short break, do another 10 heel raises, and then another ten, so that in total you do three sets of 10 heel raises. A good way to develop this exercise is by holding a tennis ball between your heels. Push up onto your tip toes without letting go of the ball. As before, hold for two seconds before slowly lowering your heels to the ground. Once you are able to do the heel raises whilst standing and with a a tennis ball, you can progress to walking on your tip toes. Push up onto your toes and walk for 20 steps. Do not let your heels touch the ground. After a rest, walk another 20 steps on your tip toes, and then again, so that you do three sets of 20 steps. Your podiatrist may tell you that your posterior tibialis tendon is also weak. A tendon is a fibrous band of tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. In this case, it is the tendon that connects the posterior tibialis muscle to the arch of your foot. If your tendon is weak, there are a few additional exercises you should do. Sit on a chair next to a large, heavy item of furniture such as a sofa or table. Tie the therapy band around the furniture. Loop the therapy band around the front half of your foot closest to the item of furniture, and adjust your position until any slack is out of the elastic therapy band. Your foot and ankle should be turned outwards. Keep your heel on the floor to act as a pivot. Slowly turn your foot inwards and bend it downwards, whilst pulling against the resistance of the elastic band. Once you have turned your foot as far as it will go, hold it for for two seconds, before slowly pivoting your foot back to its starting position. Keep repeating this sequence until you have completed 3 lots of 10 repetitions, before doing the same with the other leg. You will have to turn your chair around for your other foot. To get the most from this exercise, make sure that it is only your foot that is turning inwards, not your lower leg. Your knee should remain stationary. Also, you should feel some tension in your inner calf muscles. If you cannot feel anything, you are sitting too close to the furniture and need to move further away to stretch the therapy band. Alternatively, you can sit on the floor to do this exercise. If you find the exercises painful, you should stop, and if you have any questions, please speak to your podiatrist.

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