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Today we're talking to dr. Virachai who has one of the most successful international schools in Thailand. It is important for Estonians for there has been many Estonians studying here. In one of your interviews you say that you want that your students would come out as special citizens. What do you mean by that? I don't think any curriculum has put enough effort into this particular objective. So therefore the commitment of the Regent's School has been to produce well-rounded leaders. By well-rounded leaders we're referring to education grooming young kids to become adults who has both academic excellence and social awareness. So how do you educate social awareness? Social awareness enables young people to see the dark side of the society sometimes, the side of the society which needs attention and people would be less selfish. Especially kids in the young age when they see something. they take it for granted.. I have everything, mom's always helps me But in reality out there things are not so simple. We need children to understand that there are problems out there. We've got round-square curriculum for that. It is everything else but academic excellence We do have program for that you grow academically strong Round-square curriculum consists of six basic values. We teach our children internationalism. We teach them not to discriminate people according to their different complexion or different religion or skin colour. We educate the principle that we are all different, but we are the same. And this is easy in Regent's School because we have 45 nationalities. and all races: black, white, brown, yellow ... not blue yet ... The second pillar is democracy. We teach our students to be good listeners, Democracy is basicly collective discussion and formation of collecting procedure. Some of the leaders of today are dictators, They talk only and never listen. And they cannot see all the problems around it. Third pillar is environmental awareness. We've heard over and over again about the environmental awareness, but in our school we simply say don't be selfish. Whatever you do you have to do it with consideration of others and our future generations. The nature of love is one thing, but we say: don't be selfish. The next value stands for adventures. Most people like to be in their corner in which they feel comfortable and relaxed So we say to our students to come out - you have more than you think you have. come out of your comfort zone because your mom and dad needs you, your village needs you, because your country needs you. This is the whole idea of the adventures. And then there's leadership. Leadership means that our students set role models. To be good examples. Not only follow but you go out and lead a good example. And final element is services. All our students aged 7-18 have a chance to do service. For example we have a school on an island where every student has to spend one week there. In short, if you look at those 6 pillars you'll read: I-D-E-A-L-S - ideals. This is very practical curriculum that we do. I've seen your students at receptions and elsewhere and they really do look happy and also I see that they are happy in interaction with teachers. and they are very happy with you and you know their names. This is the key of our success if I have to name a few: that is happiness in children. Whenever I have a chance to speak to assembly my strong message is always that children must be happy Every time I come across parents on the plane or the shopping mall, I ask if your son or daughter is happy coming school and I must say that of hundreds that I've met during past 15 years, maybe with one exception others, 99,9% say, they are very very happy. They always want to go to school. The school is not just a diploma printing house, it should be well-rounded leader production house.

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kool ja hea kodanik

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