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Nigel Farage exposes Sarkozy

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French President Sarkozy, holding the EU Presidency, visits the European Parliament in Strassbourg. Mister President Nicolas Sarkozy, welcome to the European Parliament. Here he charms the most flirtatious of MEPs ...Mr President Watson. No hard feelings. What are, Mr President, our priorities? The first is to show Europeans that Europe can protect them. Now I would like to say something about this word ‘protection’. Since very ancient times people have given themselves public powers so that the public powers protect them. Mr President, Europe must offer protection without protectionism. Mr Sarkozy you are a very good orator but I am not so sure that you are that good a listener. This presidency programme that you have unveiled this morning shows that you want a European Union that controls literally every single aspect of our lives, everything from a common immigration policy through to how we run our hospitals and our football clubs. I also took it from your comments that you want us to be very isolated from the rest of the world, that if people do not have the same standards as us we are not going to trade with them. But worst of all, it is the sheer arrogance of saying that you know best when it comes to the European project. As a president of France it is one of my responsibilities. France voted NO in 2005 I said before elections that I would not hold a referendum in France. I profoundly belive that institutional issues, the rules on the functioning of Europe, are something for members of parliament rather than for referendums. You are showing contempt, not just for the Irish people, but for the very concept of democracy which you say you are a champion of. You said the Polish President must keep his word, that he must ratify the Treaty because that was his agreement. Well, the Irish people have spoken. Will you respect the Irish vote? Will you keep your side of that bargain which says this Treaty is dead? Now we have the problem of the Irish NO. It's not for a Frenchman to judge on the Irish NO, as we already had Dutch NO and French NO. And so on 21st July my first official visit as President in Office of the Council will be Ireland to listen, to dialogue, to find solutions, and the French presidency will be suggesting a method and I hope for a solution in agreement with Irish goverment either in October or in December. The problem is - we need not offend our Irish friends, but at same time we need to know which treaty we are organising the European elections in 2009. The basis will be either Lisbon or it is Nice. There won't be any more institutional conferences. And there won't be any more treaties. It is either Lisbon or it is Nice. May I add just to be perfectly clear, this is my opinion, but that does not make it the truth... I do not think that you get it, do you? The peoples of Europe do not want deeper political integration. That is why in France they said ‘no’, and in Holland they said ‘no’, and in Ireland they said ‘no’, and if we had a vote in Britain an overwhelming majority of us would have said ‘no’. What price democracy, Mr Sarkozy? You are going to Dublin on the 21st of July. Please do not try to do with them as you did in France and try to bypass a second referendum, try to get them to change the rules and to ratify this Treaty through the back door. That would be showing utter contempt for democracy. Please don't do it. 26 member states were denied a referendum X09.EU RESPECT THE IRISH VOTE More on

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Nicolas Sarkozy, President in Office of the European Council (Jul-Dec 2008) visits the European Parliament (Strasbourg) on 10 July 2008. He is taken on by Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP leader and Co-President of the Independence/Democracy (IND/DEM) group.

- Hemicycle scenes: Audio Visual, European Parliament
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