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Rubber tapping I first came to Kalimantan with my parents as transmigrants from Java Since I was a kid, I used to help my parents with farming I remember that our life was quite difficult in the transmigrant area When I grew up, I decided to work outside my village In this village, I found my other half My husband is a farmer After we got married, I helped him with farming I help him with cutting and burning the field, then planting paddy Since I was a kid, I have always worked hard Farming is really hard It is very hot in the fields When it rains, I still have to go to the fields It is very far to the fields It is slippery I often slip and fall I come home at night I also tap rubber I tap the rubber when the sun does not shine At 3am, there is lots of rubber sap But now the price of rubber is decreasing I do not know why the price decreases From IDR20.000 to 4.000 Lots of people have stopped tapping rubber Rubber plantations are abandoned and overgrown with bushes Tapping rubber is hard…..but the price is not worth it But I need to do this while waiting for the paddy harvest In the morning if it is not raining I can tap 500 rubber trees I collect the sap after two weeks so the result would be a lot Actually, if the rubber price is quite good it can meet our daily needs But because it is not, I need to sell cakes every day Two years ago, we had a poor harvest because the dry season was soooo long We did not have enough even to keep as seeds Last year, my fields were destroyed by rats and pests The produce only lasted us for 4 months We bought rice But it was not only me, the entire village also experienced crop failure I hope the price of rubber could rise again so I can send my children to school My children should not have to practice shifting cultivation like me I have a difficult life and I do not want them to be like me

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