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Juniper Urns - Eco & Social Responsibility

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Juniper Urns is a socially conscious company that creates handcrafted urns. Our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability is upheld in three key ways. By donating 5% of profits to the Foundation Supporting global communities by producing fair trade products. And by using sustainable and recycled materials. Through a partnership with Distant Village, our products create a bridge between fair trade artisans and consumers who appreciate quality craftsmanship. Today we combine innovative designs with the skillful talent of these artisans. The result is handcrafted urns created in a sustainable manner. From the very beginning, Distant Village has been deeply committed to being a sustainable business. This means considering the social, environmental, and community-based economic impact of every decision made. Our social commitment involves developing long lasting relationships and providing fair trade opportunities for artisans. One of the ways we do this is by contributing to the Distant Village Scholarship Fund, which provides needy children with financial backing for school tuition, supplies, and school uniforms. Another initiative is the Community Fellowship Program which is intended to promote health and wellness. It also serves as a fun way to connect with the communities and say thank you to the artisans for their hard work and talent. Through our partnerships with Distant Village and the Foundation we are able to impact global communities and support local pet shelters. Contact us to learn how you or your company can join us in contributing to the Distant Village Scholarship Fund or the Foundation.

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Posted by: juniperurns on Oct 15, 2011

Check out the many ways in which Juniper Urns is committed to bettering our future both at home and abroad. Social responsibility efforts include a percentage of profit donation to the Foundation, use of a fair trade workshop in Thailand where artisans are paid livable wages, and the adoption of rapidly renewable and sustainable materials in our cremation urns.

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