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Winning with Convient SID Access

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Let's discuss what's new in RSA SecurID Access Enterprise and Premium editions and how to upgrade your current base customers and new prospects so they have greater confidence that their users are who they claim to be. It's also likely you have customers with enterprise licenses that are unaware of these new capabilities so be sure to educate them on how to take advantage of what they already own. I want to encourage you to continue to educate your customers and prospects on the fact that RSA SecurID Access offers more than just hardware and software tokens for VPN. RSA also provides a range of mobile authentication methods that take advantage of the smartphones that most of us are already have. Mobile multi-factor authentication is convenient for both end-users to use and I.T. to deploy. RSA SecurID Access also uses advanced machine learning technology for increased identity assurance and an easier user experience. Now that I have introduced the basics, let's dive a little deeper into the new and exciting RSA SecurID Access capabilities. For customers looking to expand their use of their RSA SecurID Access or for those deploying it for the first time, it's safe to assume that they will be looking for ways to minimize their overall costs while also making the experience as simple as possible for end-users. RSA SecurID Access support for mobile push to approve and biometrics enables customers to do just that. While organizations still utilize a significant number of on-premises applications, many have started to move their resources and data to the cloud. Good news! RSA SecurID Access can protect access to virtually any application regardless of where it lives. As an example, RSA SecurID Access is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This means that your customers can take advantage of RSA's broad set of authentication methods to provide a higher level of assurance to cloud applications like Office 365. As cloud applications proliferate, so too does the use of single sign-on solutions. To minimize identity risk, multi-factor authentication should be used alongside any SSO implementation. RSA SecurID Access seamlessly inter-operates with a number of leading SSO solutions from companies like VMWare, Ping and onelogin. And while RSA SecurID Access Enterprise in Premium include a full SSO solution, it's better to position RSA as a strong security complement. In those instances, when your customers already have a preferred single sign-on solution. In today's evolving threat landscape, user authentication must take into consideration both context and risk. RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition enables organizations to use information about the user, the resource being accessed and where the request is coming from to get a clearer picture of the risk that surrounds that user. RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition adds machine learning to build historic baselines for what normal user access behavior looks like. This allows you to achieve a high-level of identity assurance without requiring users to perform an additional authentication step each time they log in. Many MFA providers simply look at an IP address to determine risk. However, a key differentiator for RSA SecurID Access is that we use machine learning to analyze user behavior and do it continuously in real time. To summarize, be sure to communicate that RSA SecurID Access offers mobile authentication options like push-to-approve and it can also protect access to cloud applications and single sign-on implementations. It also uses context and machine learning analysis for higher levels of identity assurance and end-user convenience. Want to see for yourself how easy RSA SecurID Access has made multi-factor authentication? Take a minute and test drive it today and then, invite others to do the same. Finally, as you discover new opportunities, please reach out and take advantage of the various RSA resources available to help you.

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Winning with Convient SID Access

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