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Guy Kawasaki Crear Sentido

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The first things I figured out, and learned, sometimes the hard way about entrepreneurship is that the core, the essence of entrepreneurships is about making meaning. Many, many people start companies to make money, the quick flip, the dotcom fenomena, and I have noticed in both the companies that I have started, and founded and being associated with that those companies that are fundamentaly founded to change the world, to make the world a better place to make meaning, are the companies that make a difference, they are the companies to succed. My naive or romantic belief is that, if you make meaning you probably make money, but if you set out to make money, you would probably not make meaning and you wont make money. So my first thought is you need to make meaning, that should be the core of why you start a company. There are three ways to make meaning. Fist is to increase the quality of life. My background is the Macintosh division of Apple Computer, and I can tell you with total certenty that we were not motivated by making money, we were motivated by changing the world, to make people more creative and more productive, we were trying to increase the quality of life for the mac users. And that was a great motivation that kept us going through many dificult periods. We were waking up in the morning thinking how we could change peoples lives. A second way of make meaning is to right a wrong, you know this fish is going to die after jumping out, But to right a wrong means that you find something that is wrong and you wanna fix that. This is particulary aplicable to nonforprofits, there is pollution, crime, abuse, they just... They very core is to end up wrong. And the third way to make meaning is to prevent the end of something good. You see something beutifull, something wonderfull and you just can stand the fact that that is beeing changed, ruined. So I asked you as you start your companies, your nonforprofits, your churches, your schools whatever you are starting, Please have one of those three motivations, one or more of those motivations. If you dont have any of those motivations, I suggest that you rethink what you are doing, .

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Posted by: darren30 on Jul 14, 2008

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