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"The man they called 'god'" This video was taken in 1962, when Shioda Sensei was 47. This is the footage of him while he is attacked by four students at once. The students were told "come at me with all you got!". He is only using atemi and nagewaza, still able to repel the students everytime with ease. No matter how hard the students try to catch him, they find themselves flying in the air or on the ground, once contact has been made Because of these magnificent abilities, speed, and explosive power, he has been called "god" on many occasions, given this reputation However, he only measures 155cm tall and weighs in at 45 kilograms How is it that such a small individual can take on as many opponents with such ease? Shioda Sensei was involved in martial arts since he was a child At 16, he received his 3rd degree black belt in Judo Then when he turned 18, his father heard about a dojo that offered an interesting martial art His father made a visit to the dojo with him after being asked, he complied The younger Shioda Sensei gaised his eyes upon an almost magiacal looking martial art performed by Ueshiba Morihei Shioda Sensei thought "This must be some kind of trcickery" Abruptly, he was called upon by Ueshiba Sensei to see if he wanted to "try it out" He stood up with a attitude that would scare ghosts and thought he could "handle it" "Ueshiba Sensei is a tad bit shorter than myself and I thought 'this guy isn't anything spacial'" "I tried attacking him with a kick and I extended my leg to do so" The young Shioda Sensei landed five meters away from where he was tossed into the air "My head really ate the floor that day and my world spun around for a while" "I realized at that point that I was in a rough place, so I joined the next day" When Shioda Sensei became a student, he was especially focused on Ueshiba Sensei's movements at the knees The reason the Aikido schools wear the traditional hakama is because it hides the movement centered around the knees While Shioda Sensei was at developemental stage of Aikido, he would go home and hit the fish bowl with gold fish inside He investicating the specific movements that the fish were making by hitting the bowl He continued this exercise everyday for 8 years strait The result was where he found the explosive power practiced in martial arts On morning, as he was walking his dog while riding his bike, a came to an abrupt stop right in front of him However, he ended up on the hood of the car, standing up strait Apparently what occured was that with the explosive power generated, he was able to propel himself through the air and land safely in a moment of crisis However, is this story really true? Inoue Kancho, son of Shioda Sensei, Yoshinkan Aikido Cheif: "It's true" "One day we went walking together and the light at the intesection turned lellow, he ranout into the street at full speed" "He ran right in front of a car, I thought he was gonna get hit" "He jumped right back to the spot next to where I was standing on the coner where he started running from" "I was so suprised" After only 8 years of intensive study since he began, Shioda Sensei received his 9th degree blackbelt In 1955, at 41 years of age, Shioda Sensei founded and opened his own school of Yoshinkan Aikido In 1969, Ueshiba Morihei, Shioda Sensei's own instructor, passed away at the age of 86 However, Shioda Sensei continued to improve on his quest for invincible techniques and displayed them to the world "If he would attack me diagonal strike to the face, I would call arts that require walking, moving budo" "This finger power is a result of momentum energy" "When he meets my shoulders at at the right time, we will easily fall, it's a timing technique" "I know it hurts but grab me, if he would just release he would not be in pain, he can't seem to let go easily" "I know you are laughing but this is an example of focused power, as I am talking to you however, my aiki is going every which way" "you can say things like 'come here', and then while hes moving, just move him with ease, uh oh look out" He is moving with absolute ease, while speaking to the audience no less, attack after attack without, heavy breathing" "Are you playing with me? 'weee' 'heeeey'" His amount of power does not seem to change even while he is being attacked by 2 individuals If thats not enough, this legendary footage shows him under attack by 8 men The moment someone makes contact with him just fall to the ground or land by being thrown

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A Japanese TV show speacial on "People of legendary feats"

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