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The Bounty Hunter

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It's ridiculous that I was even arrested in the first place. (nearby male voice) Hello Nic. (voice on phone) Yeah, but why didn't you show up to court today? Hi Milo. Fancy meeting you here. Yeah. Fancy. I don't know what you're up to, but I'm working. Oh working. Me too. I heard you got kicked off the force. What I do, is I hunt down idiots who jump bail. You are a bounty hunter? Yep. And as much as it pains me to say this, I gotta take you to jail. You have got to be kidding me. You cannot be seri- [trunk slam] I'm dead seri-!. Milo, you've got to let me go. The cops are involved in the story that I'm working on. Well, that's a real shame. [sobbing] Hey, remember how we used to be in love? Yes. That means I know when you're crying for real, and when you're faking it. Bye-bye! God, Milo! [pounding on trunk lid] This place is really nice. Glad you like it. You paid for it. Me? Yeah, I lifted your credit card. Milo, don't you dare leave me here like this! [glass shattering] You'll probably have to pay for that too. (boss) Are you sure you can handle this? I won't even break a sweat. There is a black SUV that has been following us - they may want to kill me. The only person around here that wants to kill you is me. [two gunshots] Milo! What the hell have you gotten yourself into? Oh, now you're interested. (boss) Half of New Jersey is looking for you... Who the hell is Milo? (woman) Milo (man) Milo ..the other half is lookng for your ex-wife. (Milo) We gotta go undercover. What a pleasure, Senator. I'm actually a former model. Really? How long ago was that? [music: "Hang Fire" - Rolling Stones] ♪ nobody ever works, nothin' ever gets done ♪ (boss) You're a bounty hunter, not a bounty helper. I'm still bringing her ass to jail, (boss) You two made a horrible couple.... Oh, sorry. Did I wake you ? ...and she made you miserable. Not as miserable as I'm going to make her! ♪Hang fire ♪ Hey, are you trying to seduce me? What? Yeah. What is the hottest thing about me? That would be my gun. You are such a... Something tells me I should frisk you. Why, do I look like I am hiding a weapon between my breasts? What are you doing in there? [electric buzz] ♪Hang fire ♪ Where do you think you're going? [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 25, 2010

The Bounty Hunter Movie Trailer

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