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The Legend of Killer Killer Episode 7

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Hoidan Zeday and Human people got what is hero legend. The legend of how people be strong over bad happening. I tell you very oldest hero legend Hoidan Zeday got. Is legend of Narghay Narghay. Name is mean Killer Killer. Greatest, oldest Hoidan Zeday hero. Teaches us story for tell at fire. When warm time comes and snow in the low places melts, all life is good. Before this, is hard time when is all food ate up And all people is hungry and babies cry. In this time it happened while Awza Drun family is in they home, The watchers called out to they. [Watcher calling] It was not a call as when Narghay come. Is call for they see something other. All the family came out to see what is strange thing watchers see. What they see is strange Hoidan Zeday come to they home up the mountain Ay come closer. They sniff. They smell. It smell like forest and dirty person need grooming. But ay smell under that like family. They wonder. They sniff and watch ay come. They so surprise. They know this smell. Is Awza Drun! They don't know how this can be. Never before is this happen. a person be alone so long and come back to family! But when ay came close they saw It is true! Ay was dirty. Ay came with only ay's weapon and a food bag that was full. But it was Awza Drun! All the family ran to meet ay with much greeting calls! They hugged ay much. then they wipe ay with the snow and pull ay's shed fur out. Then they help him up the mountain. They sat ay down in a pile of leaves and cuddled and licked ay so much. Ay was happy to be home. All wanted to know how this can be. But before ay can tell, they give ay some of the little food they have and much more cuddles and licks.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 50 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Cynthia Echterling
Director: Cynthia Echterling
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Posted by: cdechterling on Mar 14, 2011

Spring arrives and Awsa Drun returns to the family with a secret.

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