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Satyaprem - Entrevista Veja 1 de 3

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The guest for this "Veja Interview" is Satyaprem Satyaprem means "Love for Truth" He received that name from the enlightened master Osho... his first meeting with Osho in India. Satyaprem was born in Rio Grande do Sul, he worked as journalist, and dedicated himself to painting, poetry... and approximately during 20 years, he worked with therapy and meditation. In 2000, according to Satyaprem's website, it was revealed to him "the end of the search". Since then, he invokes the awakening of people... to his original nature, sharing the meeting with Truth, "Satsang", through dialogues and retreats, besides the books extracted from those meetings... Satyaprem, this is the official introduction, now, I know that you start your conversations of searching in the intimate of the person with another question which I repeat now... " Who are you? " - It is unsayable. - Just that ? - Just that. - And how do you do to know what people don't say ?

- If I ask you " who are you? "... there is a big chance for you to do exactly what you have done now... read a curriculum, a history, Now, all people carry on their minds, a sort of box, a catalogue, a history, a story... "what I have done", "where I was born", "who are my parents", ...that is a history, that is not you. ...or totally wrong, it is extraofficial... is a document. But the document is not you. Therefore, to explain that, that question "who are you?"... for people to achieve the answer, precisely, one has to drop all document, drop all history, until you have no story to tell, at all. If you become able to detach yourself from your history, detach from all your memory... ...there is a change of inner aspect, and all that was true for you in intellectual terms, becomes irrelevant, "another thing" appears like being "you". Then, the fact is that I can tell you who I am, Now, the capacity for understanding that... is exactly in the same proportion that you know who you are, If you still keep the history, which is, as being you, you will be unable to understand my answer, but I will try... - Ok, very good - " Who am I ?" I am Awareness I am Consciousness What do I mean by that ? I mean, that which I am... not what is sat here. That which is sat here is an appearance, it is a manifestation of that Consciousness... extension of that Consciousness, let's say, but it is not me in totality Hence, the psicological history, emotional, whatever it is... irrelevant... ... for Awareness, because Awareness is empty of content. Then the attempt, (you spoke about the end of the search), the attempt to explain this to people, or call the attention of people, from we are surrounded... is like... ... I have a metaphor which I like to use sometimes: What are people ? People are like... an individual... imagine ... a surrealist film where a person goes with a metal cabinet you know, as those ancient office cabinets... and taking with himself many cabinets What is the chance for that person... ... to have a flexible, relaxed, light life ? - None. - None ! It's zero. Then, the intention is to show you, that the content of your mind... not you. - Now, Satyaprem, why in your website, for example... have to display that information ? why are they needed ? - Why in the website ? - Yes, the website... ...because people are searching for that in your web... they have to know... - Actually it is only a nameplate, if you are dentist, you put in front of your house "Dentist". - You are not a journalist nowadays... - No, I am not a journalist anymore. - You were ? you were somebody to be considered as journalist ? - Yes, yes. - And how did you do that transition ? Why did you get interested for that spiritual side, for that other unknown side ? - That's easy to answer and... actually it has to do with... it is an award given by the dictatorship... ... the end of the dictatorship gave me, because I was a student at the end of the dictatorship, I studied journalism, and I was very active politically in that time, so in that period I became part of a blacklist in the faculty, and couldn't work in the media. Then I was gently invited by the professor to travel a little bit, to get out of the country... so I did it, but... ...meanwhile the new was telling to get out... ...that I had to do a travel not to enter in bigger confusions... ...I found Osho was a coincidence, let's say like that... -Was it by chance... ? - No, not by chance, because... - Then you searched for it... ? - No, I didn't search... is as if he was coming to me... - I am trying to find the right word here... it was the circumstances... - That's what I mean, it was a moment that... a certain manner I was... ...what I was expecting from society, let's say so... ...from institutions, was not given to me.... I realized that I was waiting in vain... in that instant, it was... a tiny detail... ...a girl lends me a book, I take a look at it... - You got interested ! - ...I read, and said what interesting is this ! - We'll talk about that in the second part of this conversation... We are interviewing Satyaprem.

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Entrevista a Satyaprem en Programa VEJA

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