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LEAD Weekly: Self-Care by Rosa Iannuzzi Porto

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. . Welcome back to LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. Today we will hear from Rosa Iannuzzi, who has been on staff for over ten years in Mexico in a lot of different roles and she is going to share with us today about things she's seen that undermine and support success with self-care and leadership. I have believed two lies That I must earn the right to self-care, and that is all or nothing. But I have learned that it is not necessary to meet all and with everything to start taking care of myself. And it doesn't need to be all or nothing, personal care it is something that cannot be achieved overnight I can achieve it little by little The important thing is to help myself to create healthy habits for my body my mind and my spirit. I tend to be very harsh with myself when I mean self-care If I don't do all the exercise that I had planned, if I don't read or study the bible all the time that I had thought to do it, if I don't eat healthy all day I think at the end of the day that I failed I come back to this thinking that it is all or nothing and I must remind myself that the expectations that I set on myself, they are a premeditated frustration because although in my mind It is the ideal, it really does not fit in my daily plan many times to reality I have had to mature the idea realizing which is something that can be developed step by step and little by little. The truth that for me the frequency and time of the activities they can vary according to my day, adjusting them to my possibilities and needs. Every day I can do a different activity, one day I can take some time to reflect, another day I can do a study with my co-workers I know that maybe every day I will not be able to exercise but if I could stretch and drink more deep breaths. I've noticed that self-care is different for each person For some, taking care of themselves may be walking for other people it could be running for others sleep and for others just read. I think the important thing is to do self-care a conscious and intentional act in our lives. Starting with small actions and enjoying of the benefit that these are going to bring us in the long term

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