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4-Story Time Rainbow For Kids

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Hey, little one! Are you wondering why your frame is so black? Well, I'm going to talk about colours today! And, this is your colour black. And, there comes the sun! Ahh! Bright! Yellow light! So, let's talk about yellow, green, blue, all the lovely colours that you love! Oh my god! How lovely looks the colour green? The greenery that you see around you, the grasses, the trees, everything is green in colour! And what all do you see in this greenery around you? The colour white! The little rabbit that trots, and trots, and trots! Ah! How beautiful! And, there comes the beautiful butterfly! Oh! With lots of blue and white colour, and a little of yellow here and there! Ah! I love butterflies! Someone seems to be coming this way! There comes a little girl. Oh, she's dancing and dancing, happy seeing the little rabbit, and, the butterfly! Looks like she's coming this way! Let's wait for her! She feels very happy. Let's not disturb her! And, look! She's wearing a pretty frock with beautiful rainbow on it! Rainbow! Yes! I can tell you about the rainbow, and how is it formed? It's getting cloudy, dark, and the sun is dimming its light. It's started to pour! Ah! I love the rain! It's slowing down. Yes! It's slowing down. And, the sun becomes bright. So, when the bright light of the sun comes into the droplet, little, little droplets of the rain, a beautiful rainbow with 7 different colours appears before you. And that is the beautiful rainbow! I can see all of you sitting and smiling! Yes! This is what brings happiness to your life! Colours! The colours of the Vibgyor! The colours around you! Red, blue, green, pink, white, black, whatever you like! Yes! And, they make you happy! So, my dear children, observe the colours around you. Just think, what it makes you feel, and, bring it into your life, and be happy! Always! So, next time, when I, your friend Saumya comes, you should tell me about the colours that you have observed. Till then, buh-bye! And, catch you later! Buh-bye!

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4-Story Time Rainbow For Kids

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