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Jonathon Tisch: Understand your Co-Workers

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sure there have been other times where we have faced serious challenges whether it’s 9-11, the recession of the 90's but today we're getting it from all sides this is a confluence of events that nobody could have anticipated nobody could have known the deep challenges that we face and as I said you get it wherever you go consumer confidence continues to be struggling how can the consumer feel really good about themselves when their neighbor or their family member may be out of work how can the consumer go out there and be robust about their spending or feel good about travel when they've seen the value of their home cut in half now is the time to really be good at your job now is the time to reach out the people that you deal with that the other side the table and say let's make this a viable win for all of us. that the relationship with the customer an essential piece of this is the relationship that you need with your coworkers once again having grown up in the business I've worked virtually every job known in a property I've been party the Belstaff I work behind the front desk I've made up rooms I work at the pool I had a little opportunity about five years ago to do all that on a TV show called now whose boss on The Learning Channel whereas the CEO they put me back in these jobs it was a remarkable experience because even though I have grown up in this business and i've been virtually in it for 55 years I hadn't done these jobs as the CEO so to go back and was on TV for the country to see but to make a bed to bring bags to the room to clean up at the pool to should be a short order cook reminded me how essential the people in the trenches as we say the people at the front lines are I can sit my office in New York City make all the decisions I want about the future of our company but I'm not the person checking people in on a daily basis am NOT making the beds I can't do anything without those people and the same is true love you you need to forge that bond with your coworkers you need to understand what's important to them and the quid pro quo is that they need to understand what's important to you you need to get that message to them about how important they are especially today a survey that I read on the train down here that HSM II did said that service is more important than ever people are looking for value but just because they're paying less doesn't mean that they're gonna be happy with shoddy service and the way you get good service the way you get by in is by ensuring that you have a relationship with your coworkers it is a vital group that you need to understand how to partner with

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Jonathon Tisch: Understand your Co-Workers

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