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Elite Forces- Mongols-HD

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During the 13th Century, the Mongols of Genghis Khan had conquered nearly all of Asia, the middle east, and eastern Europe. They are said to be among history’s most fearsome, savage and effective fighting forces and had conquered the largest empire in history through brutal and effective warfare. One of the key factors for the Mongols’ success was their incomparable mobility: Mongol military campaigns can be seen as a mere extension to their nomadic lifestyle. Soldiers maintained three to four horses, which allowed them to travel extreme distances without stopping sometimes up to 100miles per day. Their horses were a small, self-sufficient and resilient breed, which survived harsh climates that would have killed most other breeds. Thanks to this impeccable power of resistance, Genghis Khan was able to launch successful winter attacks on Russia an endeavor which hundreds of years later brought disastrous defeat to the armies of both Napoleon and Hitler. Their main weapon was the mongol bow, a sophisticated composite bow made of laminated wood, horn and sinew. The bow, which was unmatched for accuracy, force and reach, was deliberately kept small, so that it could be used from horseback. Apart from its devastating cavalry, the Mongol horde was clever to appropriate war technologies from their conquered opponents. Enemy engineers were kept alive and assimilated into the mongol forces, where they built and operated siege machines, which became instrumental when attacking fortified cities. While Genghis Khan was said to have been a benevolent ruler who allowed religious freedom, introduced paper money and built a postal system, his wars have also been some of the most destructive in history: His conquest of Iran eradicated all infrastructure and killed up to 10-15 million people. Genghis Khan was furthermore infamously known for the raping and pillaging of whatever village or town he came across. His conquests therefore also helped in securing his lineage: Genetic scientists estimate that one out of two hundred men alive today is a descendant of the Khan.

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Elite Forces- Mongols-HD

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