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TZM is Not Doing Enough

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...this is where the movement comes in, this is where the train of thought comes in, this is where chapters come in, what we're focused on and why, and what our motivations are based on the understanding that everything is connected our problems are system outcome sir Leighton behaviors that are built in to the way we have structured our socio-economic system time to address the stuff so when people come at me in or fiery Italian you know we're not credible were not doing enough it's like what else do you think we should be doing we're doing the most fundamental important thing which is seeing the love the entire system a systems approach systems theory seeing health where interconnected species with the systems around us both psychological and environmental the cultural value system love the day does not regard a root cause systemic view up the social problems and the Zeitgeist Movement acknowledges this is a fundamental difference between most cause fighting single focused forms love patchwork in protest that go on in the world and what is I guess moment is trying to get people to understand so that's a fundamental difference right there know some people can keep it separate you know I mean I can go volunteer then feed the homeless and the people are hungry and not confuse that with a global economic structure where everybody's you know I can actually understand both at the same time doing what I can to reduce suffering in my local area to some personal effort that I find makes a difference in the world and I can also go out advocate the Zeitgeist Movement same time but not collapse the two down into the one in the same which is something I see happen quite often which is a massive undertaking and is where critical mass awareness comes in I mean every min movement cause every competition everything needs some sort of mass awareness Andy I often think about that girl like well why not go all the way then if you gonna go for critical mass awareness for hunger why not go for the whole system that's producing poverty without the frame of reference out the public which is an educational imperative of hours you going to see very little change people try to react in protest things that don't work in the current system so if you gonna go out there and do critical mass awareness for a single symptom of the system why not go all the way and go out there and advocate that the problem is a systemic and that the system is producing these outcomes and get down to the root cause of the problems that we're trying to all address why wouldn't she do that year would be the question i to somebody that's not to say that doing something to alleviate suffering or trying to provide for people's needs isn't necessary is not saying that at it's about having that distinction between providing for people's needs immediate needs on a local level and the meeting of everybody's needs on a global level and the my last point on honest critique that comes up when I read language the two movement isn't doing enough for that we're not doing the right thing or that we should be doing something else somebody that has an agenda context worries terms such as side projects or patchwork efforts not as a negative connotation but actually have an understanding that the difference between with the chapters are doing and what these projects are a notice a ones right but to actually understand the difference it what it means to volunteer and what's happening whether somebody comes in and wants to take the group resource for their own NP overtake a volunteer resource for their own agenda Obama there's sort of like whether it's intentional or not there's a market psychology at play when these things happen somebody feels entitled that the chapters a resource for their own project and they're actually disrespect to love why the volunteers who were there what they've shown up for what they've agreed to and the actions that they're trying to undertake you know there's a market psychology at work which kinda goes against the personal values that are involved when you volunteer Irwin somebody contributes to a group without the need for self gain and so now we have a network %uh chapters across the globe focused in on the ground awareness activism wherever you are on this train of thought to getting into the frame of reference up the social landscape I see bits and pieces of this train it's all over the place but it I can see people not making the connections I've environmental issues and the socio-economic system as a system problem rather than just some sort of like behavioral anomaly now we have such a bad person or bad company our site yet just these a moral people and we need to the year you know find them or lock them up for something like that I know here locally with the chapter I participate in my region with the LA chapter them you know we have quite a few folks that you know what to do something in their community in addition to the awareness activism and we're really doing our best to people who may want to you I do a transitional projects they might have a community garden or wanna have book library your share educational resources or the educational materials that we refer to are always available to local library so you could get a copy of the book and then share that with the chapter membership here we have a way of incorporating these things %uh into the group without losing sight of the fact that you know if you wanna grow food have a garden that the chapters not about the garden and when the focus in time in all the energy it takes to make a counter events and get the skills together from the group and everything it takes becomes all about the side project itself then you've lost sight of the train of thought and reduced it down into a single symptom as far as people who identify with the movement and associate with it there are multiple ways to associate with the zeitgeist movie you can be a casual supporter you could be what we call an advocate you're out there on your own advocating the stuff is many people who do are you call yourself a member of the psychos movement in my case i my sociation with the movement is a supporter and advocate a member and a coordinator I also coordinate activism and created a place for people to stay communication all the coordinators and California to have a communications platform are so we can organize a larger events like the global sea days or town halls or the media festivals all this takes coordination and all this takes time and resources on the calendar of events to keep this all organized it takes a lot of volunteer efforts and skills so that becomes vital to the health and success in the longevity have any any group in specially on this case you know this I guess movement chapters you know I applaud those of you who are out there who are coordinating that have been able to a navigate these waters and not pollute train of thought inhabit confused or diffused into a single symptom

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TZM is hence loyal to this train of thought, not figures, institutions or temporal technological advancements. Rather than follow a person or design, TZM follows this self-generating premise of understanding and it hence operates in a non-centralized, holographic manner, with this train of thought as the origin of influence for action. - A video from ZeitgeistToronto - This is the working-location for all translations. You will find completed translations here:

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