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A journey to the beginning of the Endless 28 days to a spiritual renaissance Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, yet continue to experience the same patterns over and over again? Join Karen Berg for a free 28 day experience where you will be guided through a process designed to clean and clear old patterns, open the heart, and return to the Light we all have within. Hi friends! I would like to introduce you to the new journey that we are about to embark on Rosh Hashana will be a time of a different kind of awakening It will be a new and unique year in which each of us will have the opportunity to find another portal and another space in our spiritual development. The journey that we are about to embark on that will start at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul will allow us part of the preparation, the tools, to become that sort of a aware human being that we will need to be in order to make the trip. I am inviting you to join me and other spiritual leaders through their modalities and through their awareness what this trip to the world of this Endless might appear to them And through their teachings and through our embarkment on this journey hopefully it will give us the impetus to be able to change that which we can change in the next year. To complete our essence by knowing and by being able to connect to the tools that will allow us the knowledge and the insight and the ability to be all that we can be because unlike the times before that we are about to embark on the road to the Endless. And in the Endless there is beauty warmth, love and all the other things that we will need to allow us to enter those portals. I invite you and all of you seekers that want to be part of this journey to come along to the path with us as brothers. Thank you All roads lead to the endless. Let's get there together It is easy and free to join this powerful journey Starting saturday, August 15 28 days of: Study from the teachings of Kabbalists Rav and Karen Berg; Conversations with spiritual thought leaders from around the world; Daily body, mind and spirit meditations and exercises Registre-se agora em:

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