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Jacque Fresco - Total Enclosure Systems (1975)

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When are we going to bother attacking the trucking industry, which is obsolete. Alright, any other questions. What is it that people want to listen to? When you ask all those questions; "Can the function be reduced and centralized?" Now, the opposition is what you gotta remember. The opposition "My God, if everything were in one place it'd be terrible!" And yet, the stark answer that I give is a luxury cruise liner. Games, Motion Pictures, Dining Halls, Swimming, Tennis, electrical fire from the hospital facilities. On a modern luxury liner, its a total enclosure system. And the government of that liner is the Captain, the Navigator, and the Service departments. And you never have to write them. You never have to write the navigator and say "You can go [unclear]" Because everybody on that ocean liner seems to be occupied, if you travel first class, in making you happy. "Would you like some fresh food?" "There's a concert coming on in three minutes." And you say "I'll have another." - and right away, you don't get any negative feedback. If you travel on a world cruise, first class, and that's the way I picture this city of tomorrow. A closed system, where everybody in that city says "By golly, there are new cameras available, here." And its available, "How come you haven't got one?" Every man in government tries to find out how he can get more energy to you. Not tighten your belt. Loosen it. In other words, "Did you know there's a new underwater cruise for people within this group, and that group?" And they're always telling you about new things, the Government, and trying to make your life richer, fatter, warmer, more secure, and healthier, better vision, and there is a group out there always telling you what's available to you. And, they're always trying to get it to you. Cause the "Government" is excited about many wonderful things that have been developed, for you, by the Ocean Liners. And by the way, if we're passing a school of whales, "Those of you with cameras, come on out to this deck, you'll get some good shots." But they don't provide the cameras, but the ships in the future will have the color cameras, and tell you "There's going to be an underwater exploration group", with smaller subs that are carried by the ship. And so, here's a "Government" just ass-backwards from the ones you got today. "Tighten your belt", "Eat more hamburgers", "Turn off your air conditioning", "Use one light", you know. And what they're trying to do in the other system is to get you to light up! And live! By golly, you know, they don't know. How can a person be sad -- How can a person be well, and think about "My God, did my kids cross the street, and be home by 5 o'clock, I hope the kids get home safe." There are no streets to cross. There are no MAC trucks in the streets. There's nobody lurking in the bushes in the park that hasn't been laid. There are no anti-social people walking around, cause they're all screened out, helped. Just like there are no cripples walking around. There's nobody walking around with crutches, and people in wheel chairs. Because, there is an all-out program to relieve human suffering, no matter what kind of suffering it is. It's just like the war effort. It's total conscription of men, machines, materials, and money to enhance the lives of everyone. Now this is, to me, the only kind of answer that makes sense. Anything else is dangerous. Because if you were married, and you've got 3 kids, and your husband and kids are killed in the war. Your income, immediately, is affected. And if you're 47, and you're in the market for a particular value that you've been conditioned to, is less, and you have less bargaining power, because your eyes are a little sunken, and because you don't have as many dimples as you used to have. So society, you go up and down in value. And the people I'm talking about never go up or down. Remains at a constant value. Cause nobody is given a priority. Youth is not a priority. It's almost like - "Bernard Shaw" "Too bad the youth is wasted on the young." Because the future is going to show youth as a limited system. And as information increases, you'll find that people that are older in the future, have better facilitation, and better accommodation. It's just like you want to be a master ice skater. Learn how to ice skate. This is less apt to be taught it all....less apt´╗┐ to be (taught it all.) So, the future can generate an increase in quality. So whenever they show you movies on people in the future, we'll be looking forward to the older people. When I say older, they won't get any older, they'll look about, possibly, 23-24, maybe 30, and remain that way, for a long period of time. First aging will stop, and then we'll be able to reverse the process. We'll be able to move you back. Your skin will change, and you'll be able to jump rope again, you'll feel great, not just look younger. You'll be able to engineer the biological systems. And generally phase out medicine, phase out the need for dentistry, for the whole general public. So I think we're moving towards a fantastic type of - not just a better and saner society. But fantastic goals for the whole slew of people that have ambitions and dreams that have never been fulfilled. Here you got a bunch of frustrated people that dare not dream. And let me tell you what that means again, when I refer back to England about 25 or 35 years ago. Americans used to have transmitters in their garage and they have an old Ford. Kids would take it apart, and change it. But no English kid dared dream going into the back where he had a little car he was going to tinker with. He couldn't afford it. So, English kids, in the early days, dared not dream. They didn't dream of having a transmitter in the back yard. Now if you go to the back woods in the early days of Russia or Poland or France, you don't have a Frenchmen who has a ham transmitting set, and has a car that he's hopped up, and put fiberglass fenders on. He doesn't have that kind of money. In fact, if his kid began to play with it, he'll say "what are you fooling with there, why don't you go out and make a living?" See, in other words, we dare not dream. So the people of today, even though in America, kids have electric trains, and many things, they still, limit their dreams to whats available. So what we will do is release that in them, think of it, so we dare dream. The broadest concepts, things that we would consider outrageous today. Men will think about in their everyday life. A very fantastic kind of world. That's why all the movies on the future have failed to show a wiser man. They always show all kinds of dials, and instruments, but the men are just as stupid as they are today. Like I said, they control universes of energy, but they get mad at their brother-in-law. See, then its not possible to be that smart and that dumb at the same time. So the science fiction, what we would like to do, will depict the future. Show a different kind of person. With enough identity...[unclear]. Any other questions?

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Jacque covers total enclosure systems and designing a centralized system of resource distribution and depicts how that might look like using the analogy of cruise ships.

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